KCR is a model leader, the people of Maharashtra and Karnataka.


With the news of Telangana CM KCR likely to launch a national party reaching people all over, the people of Maharashtra and Karnataka are expressing joy.

They opine that when the country is passing through distress under the BJP rule at centre, the Telangana state under CM KCR has made good progress with pro-poor policies. When a section of media personnel toured the villages in both the states to seek their opinions about KCR and the proposed new national party, they were all in support of him. Be it the free power to farmers, rythu bandhu, rythu bheema, and irrigation projects, they were all eager to have the same schemes in their states as well. They wish that if KCR becomes a national leader and is at the helm of affairs, they too would get the same schemes.

The people of Andhra Pradesh too echo similar feelings. An MP from Kerala, Mr Premachandran, who was on a recent visit to Hyderabad closeted with the Telangana state planning board vice Chairman B Vinod Kumar. He also said that KCR has the strength to unite all the parties to defeat the BJP. He said Mr KCR should join the national politics for the betterment of the country.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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