KCR confident of good strides for Telangana on Telugu New Year

Stating the agony faced by people in Samaikhya Andhra ended with the formation of Telangana state, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao exuded confidence that the Telugu New Year Manmadha Nama Samvatsaram will bring prosperity to people, ensure peace, accelerate development and end power cuts.

He was speaking at the first Ugadi celebrations in the new state at Ravindra Bharati and the reading of the Panchanga shravanam (almanac).

Referring to Chandrasekhar Sharma Siddhanti’s predictions for people belonging to 12 rashis (astrological signs), he said going by it, the state and he have a bright future.

“My rashi is Karkataka (Cancer). Siddhanti says people of this rashi have a bright future. So there is no dokha (threat) for us. Income is `5 and expenditure is `5. So halli ki halli, sunna ki sunna (no loss, no gain). I don’t leave behind debts. Rajender (finance minister Etala Rajender) need not worry. Thank you Siddhanti,” he said in a lighter vein.

Mr Rao said a separate state was formed after a decade and-a-half long struggle, after facing insults, abuses and overcoming all hurdles.

“Telangana people achieved statehood and are celebrating their New Year in their own state. But the real festival celebrations are only when the poor get full meals. You will see many more good things soon. Telangana will be the seed bowl of the country,” he said.

He asserted that the Telangana government would utilise its share of waters from the Krishna and Godavari Rivers. He added that the TS government will lay the foundation stones for the Palamuru lift-irrigation project and the Nakkalagandi project next week which will provide much-needed water to parched Mahbubnagar and fluoride-hit Nalgonda districts.

The proposed new industrial policy to be announced after the Assembly session would bring in large number of industries, investments and create employment for youth. He said the government gave top priority to welfare, ensuring food for the poor, agriculture and industrialisation. He added that power cuts would be passé and the state would be power-surplus soon.

“We faced severe power cuts this time last year. But in nine to 10 months, we could overcome it. We are glowing. By next year, Telangana will progress and will be power surplus,” he said.

“In the Telugu calendar, Manmadha Nama Samvatsaram is 29th and Telangana is also the 29th state in the country. Definitely, Manmadhanam Samvatsaram will bring good fortune to Telangana people and farmers,” he said.

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