Kaleswaram project mooted on the Godavari

TRS MP B. Vinod Kumar said the Kanthanapally project would be renamed and redesigned and relocated on the river Godavari.

The proposed new project, to be named as Kaleswaram, envisages greater benefits than the Kanthanapally project.

As the availability of water at Kanthanapally was doubtful, a survey has been undertaken from Thursday to find suitable location for the proposed new Kaleswaram project.

“It is likely to come up near the Kanthanapally project that was given up. Most probably at a place after the Indravathi joins the river Godavari,” he pointed out.

Kaleswaram would come up at such a spot where it helps store more water and cause minimum submergence. It will help all the surrounding districts including Warangal district, Mr. Vinod Kumar said addressing newsmen here.

He said there were about 200 projects of different sizes built across the Godavari in Maharashtra and Karnataka States.

It has become difficult for Telangana State to receive water from upstream and hence the government started the survey to find suitable spot for Kaleswaram project.

The TRS leader found fault with the Congress leaders over irrigation projects and farmers’ suicides. “The TRS government has just started functioning during the last few days since for one year there were no officers. But the Congress leaders are seeking our resignation. It is ridiculous,” Mr Vinod Kumar said.

The Congress government initiated several irrigation projects under Jalayagnam and pocketed huge sums. The net benefit of the projects was nowhere to be seen.

“Huge amounts in executing Pranahita-Chevella project were misused during Congress regime even though the government fully was aware of the problems in implementing the project. If such thing happens in other countries, those responsible would have been hanged,” he said.

Source: The Hindu

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