Jupally fires on Congress leaders

Sending out a strong message to Congress leaders in Telangana, Minister Jupally Krishna Rao fired on said, “Congress backstabbed people of Telangana during Telangana movement. They don’t have any right to come to power in the state.’

Addressing the media at Assembly CLP, Jupally Krishna Rao ridiculed Congress and said the party is indulging in cheap and heinous politics.

“History speaks for itself. In Spite of they saying Sonia Gandhi gave Telangana, people did not accept Congress on 2014 elections. And why should people vote Congress in Telangana?” he asked.

In a counter to the allegations made against Caretaker Chief Minister and TRS Party President K Chandrashekar Rao, Mr. Jupally said, “Congress leaders don’t have a right to criticize KCR. He resigned from his MLA/Minister posts on various occasions for Telangana statehood. And it was Congress leaders who kept hanging onto minister positions.”

“In the coming elections people of Telangana will teach Congress a lesson,” he added.

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