Its Your Culture Brother!

When few statues were pulled down on Tank Bund during the Million March, the whole Seemaandhra media and politicians used that incident to spit venom on the Telangana agitation.

But, they seem to have forgotten that they have a long tradition of pulling down statues of eminent personalities. Here is an example of one such incident.

Angry agitators protesting with a demand to set up a Steel Plant at Visakhapatnam pulled down the statue of Union Minister Sri Sanjiva Reddy (who went on to become the President of India) on October 31st 1966.

The protesters damaged the statue and threw it in Eluru canal – an irrigation canal passing through Vijayawada.

Violent protests during that week killed several people, mostly students, in police firing.

Looks like the Seemandhra agitators hold a patent in breaking statues. And may be this is one of the many things that Seemandhras have ‘taught’ Telanganites!

Here are news clips from The Indian Express – November 1st, and 2nd 1966 Edition.

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