Is CM Revanth sidelining Deputy CM Bhatti and other ministers?

In a surprising turn of events, the recent government advertisements and appointment letter distribution event have fueled heated debates within political circles, shedding light on the evolving dynamics within the Congress leadership. It is alleged that CM Revanth Reddy is sidelining Deputy CM Bhatti Vikarmarka and other ministers.  

The recent event of distributing appointment letters to 5,192 lecturers, teachers, constables, and medical staff at LB Stadium has become a point of contention. The I&PR Department’s front-page advertisements in some newspapers, featuring only CM Revanth Reddy and the late Indira Gandhi, have raised eyebrows. This departure from the previous norm, which included Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka and other ministers, is viewed by analysts as a deliberate sidelining.

The advertisements, which encompass various departments such as police, education, BC welfare, and health, have sparked discussions because of the exclusion of BC Welfare Minister Ponnam Prabhakar and Health Minister Damodara Rajanarsimha. Critics argue that the move signals a shift from a collective approach to individualism within the Congress government.

The absence of Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka and other ministers’ photos has not gone unnoticed, leading to widespread speculation about the reasons behind this shift. Some political analysts anticipated such a development, citing earlier perceptions of CM Revanth Reddy’s leadership style.