Is BJP strategically helping Congress in Telangana? 10 things you must know 

A series of events unfolded in Telangana in the last few months revealed a strategic alliance between the BJP and the Congress in the state. The unholy nexus was exposed during the recently held Telangana assembly elections and the move is seen as a desperate attempt to destabilize the BRS party and weaken its prospects in Telangana. 

From a change of guard in the Telangana BJP to misusing the central agencies to PM Narendra Modi making baseless allegations, the BJP has paved the way for the victory of the Congress in the state. It appears that the BJP has realized that it was not strong enough to dethrone the BRS and entered into a backdoor understanding with its arch-rival Congress. 

Change of guard in Telangana BJP

The central leadership of the BJP changed the state party president in July 2023, purportedly to strengthen the electoral prospects of the Congress in Telangana. Meanwhile, the Congress propagated a secret alliance between BRS and BJP. By remaining silent over this false propaganda, the BJP benefited the Congress.

Hasty report on Medigadda barrage

The National Dam Safety Authority (NDSA) hastily released a report on the Medigadda barrage at the behest of the BJP. Normally, it takes a minimum of four days for anyone to thoroughly visit and inspect any barrage. However, the NDSA team only spent a day visiting the Medigadda barrage and released a report. 

However, the question is, how did the NDSA determine the quality of construction within two days without proper examination, samples, and lab reports? What is more baffling is even before the NSDA released the report in any public domain, BJP leaders released it to the media and Congress leaders used the report. Ironically, the same Congress which denounces all the central agencies has treated the NDSA report as sacrosanct. 

PM Modi’s baseless allegations

PM Narendra Modi in one of his rallies in Telangana levelled a baseless allegation against BRS President KCR saying that ‘KCR wanted to join NDA’. The statement is seen as a blatant attempt to divert the minority votes towards Congress.

If the BRS truly intended to join NDA in 2020, why did Modi not mention it earlier during his multiple visits to Telangana, and why did he bring it up just before the elections? The ill intentions of Modi were evident with his remarks and the PM was not hesitant to help the Congress at the cost of the BJP’s future in Telangana.

Telangana BJP leaders’ revelations

During the election campaign interview given to a YouTube channel, Karimnagar BJP candidate and Telangana BJP former president, Bandi Sanjay, explicitly stated that Congress is internally supporting him. He further mentioned that the Congress party in his constituency has clearly said, ‘It’s okay if you do not vote for us, but do not vote for BRS.’ No leader from Congress has condemned this statement of Bandi Sanjay.

After the election results, speaking to a YouTube Channel, BJP leader and former MP Konda Vishweshwar Reddy accepted that their party’s first target was BRS, but as they didn’t have the strength to do it, they felt Congress is the better party to defeat the BRS.

He confessed that the BJP president has instructed them not to comment on Telangana Congress but only talk about national politics. The conspiracy of the BJP and the Congress against the BRS stands clearly exposed here.

Fielding weak candidates

For all the help they have received from the BJP, the Telangana Congress has ensured to field weak candidates against key leaders of the BJP. The Congress party has selected weak candidates against Dharmapuri Aravind in Korutla, Bandi Sanjay in Karimnagar, and Raja Singh in Goshamahal. 

Soft corner on Modi in white papers

The Congress government in Telangana has released white papers on state finances and the power sector but tactically ignored the apathy of the Modi-led central government towards Telangana.

The white papers failed to mention about Rs. 1,43,061 Crore grants due from the central government, the Congress party didn’t speak regarding Rural Electrification Corporation & Power Finance Corporation halting disbursement of sanctioned loans to Telangana power utilities since April 2022. Also, the white papers have not bothered about pending interstate dues and various other key concerns.

The hidden agenda of both the parties has once again become clear, this time on the floor of the legislative assembly. 

Adani meets Congress CM

At a juncture where Rahul Gandhi is claiming that the Congress is putting up a spirited fight against Adani and crony capitalism, Telangana CM Revanth Reddy offered a red carpet welcome to Adani’s team. Revanth met Gautam Adani’s son Karan Adani in Hyderabad and assured his full support for Adani’s business expansion. Adani who failed to enter Telangana for the last nine years, now finds a way.

Congress CM meeting BJP bigwigs

It is a general practice for the newly formed government to formally meet the Prime Minister and other union cabinet ministers of the country. But what’s surprising is when the term of the current union government is about to complete in 2-3 months, what was the urgent need of CM Revanth Reddy to call on PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and seek their support?

BRS defeated top BJP leaders

Contrary to the fake narrative that the BRS is the B-team of the BJP, it was the BRS party which defeated the BJP’s top leaders in the Telangana assembly elections. The BRS candidates defeated Eatala Rajender, Dharmapuri Aravind, Bandi Sanjay, and also gave a tough fight to Raja Singh. 

KCR, a fierce critic of Modi

With his impressive oratory and exceptional command over the subject, BRS chief KCR took PM Modi head-on and started exposing the misrule of the BJP. Also, the BRS was trying to expand its footprint in states like Maharashtra and the visible traction the party received from the local leaders of Maharashtra unsettled both the national parties. They understood that a potential threat was looming in the form of KCR and wanted him to be restrained to Telangana.

Observing all these developments, it can be concluded that PM Modi and BJP learnt that it is difficult to snatch Telangana from KCR and things would be easy for them if the Congress comes to power. Connecting all the dots, it is evident that the BJP has strategically helped the Congress party to dethrone the BRS using false propaganda and fake narratives.

(Inputs taken from ‘X’ post of Nayini Anurag Reddy)