Hyderabad is the Heritage of Telangana – It cannot be negotiated

Pic: Hyderabad had magnificent buildings and modern infrastructure even before it became capital of AP

By: J R Janumpalli

Telanganites are ingrained to live in their native lands. They are known for their ‘watandari’. Even if they go out for livelihood, they always root for their native land. They invariably return to their land in the end, even if it is not endowed with rich resources. Where ever they go they mingle with the local people, they try to learn their language, they respect their culture, they earn their trust and confidence and become part of their society. They work hard and never covet other people’s things. These decent people are called backward.

Whereas, our Andhra brethren, are known for their ‘valasavadam’. They are always on the lookout for greener pastures like sneaky donkeys. They migrate to anywhere. They have no qualms of their ancestral land. Where ever they are they live in isolation. They do not mix with local populace, unless there is an ulterior motive. They abhor other people’s cultures overtly or covertly depending on the situation. In general, learning other local languages is anathema to them. They do not trust other people, depending on the exigency either they domineer over them or sub serve them biding their time to dominate. They invariably covet other people’s things. Their behavior in Hyderabad during the last 60 years holds mirror to these ‘sterling’ characteristics. These unscrupulous people are called enterprising.

It is like the following Arabian fable:

The Camel’s Nose in the Tent.

“One cold night, as an Arab sat in his tent, a camel gently thrust his nose under the flap and looked in. “Master,” he said, “let me put my nose in your tent. It’s cold and stormy out here.” “By all means,” said the Arab, “and welcome” as he turned over and went to sleep.

A little later the Arab awoke to find that the camel had not only put his nose in the tent but his head and neck also. The camel, who had been turning his head from side to side, said, “I will take but little more room if I place my forelegs within the tent. It is difficult standing out here.” “Yes, you may put your forelegs within,” said the Arab, moving a little to make room, for the tent was small.

Finally, the camel said, “May I not stand wholly inside? I keep the tent open by standing as I do.” “Yes, yes,” said the Arab. “Come wholly inside. Perhaps it will be better for both of us.” So the camel crowded in. The Arab with difficulty in the crowded quarters again went to sleep. When he woke up the next time, he was outside in the cold and the camel had the tent to himself.”

They were playing this ‘Arab and camel’ game during the last 55 years. Now facing the inevitable ouster, the Andhra vested interests are creating all sorts of perverted plans on Hyderabad city. They played the same ruse on Madras and were kicked out of it un-ceremoniously, by Rajaji. They have not learnt any lessons. Given their ilk and their nature of coveting other people’s things, they will never learn any lessons of this kind. As incorrigible as they are they are now playing the same tactic, itching for the same treatment meted out to them by Tamils.

It is not for the first time that a state is divided in India. When Madras, Shimla, Bombay, Shillong, Patna, Lucknow etc., were not made UT’s, Why Hyderabad? Is Hyderabad in between Andhra and Telangana geographically, as in the case of ’Chandigarh’? Their shameless idea of making Hyderabad and Nalgonda districts a ‘UT’ borders on ‘megalomania’. Do they think that people of Nalgonda, who are the direct descendents of ‘Telangana Sayudha Porata Yodhulu’, allow this mania to happen? That idiotic ‘Sancho Panza’ of Rayalaseema ,TGV, wants a share in Hyderabad as they have lost Kurnool as capital, as if Telangana people wanted them to leave Kurnool. Is there no end to their perverted and shameless thinking of coveting other people’s things in a democratic society?

Why did they leave Kurnool for Hyderabad? If they had any pride, and if it is not for their parasitic living. By now, they would have developed a first class state capital in their own land. Why they are now again clamoring for Hyderabad? If not for the protection of their past plunder and want to rob it further and keep all their lucre under wraps in the guise of ‘UT’ and allow others from all over India to ravage Hyderabad along with them. Hyderabad avowedly is the heritage and ‘cultural icon’ of Telangana; it is not negotiable under any circumstances.

Any truck with these unscrupulous elements will be another death knell to Telangana. Anything other than pre 1956 Telangana, would be another ’Ravana Kashtam’. Let us pay more price if needed, but get clean Telangana where these poisonous Andhra elements cannot meddle in any way.

Picture courtesy: Time Life Pictures

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