Media is fooling people on power situation

Image: A snapshot of Sakshi newspaper’s screaming headline on electricity shortage in AP

The behavior of Seemandhra media on electricity situation in the state is confirming yet again that they are acting like the propaganda wing of Anti-Telangana movement.

Since yesterday, several Seemandhra media outlets have been showing a doomsday like scenario for the whole of South India, because of the strike of Seemandhra electricity employees.

While it is true that people in Seemandhra are facing some hardships due to frequent power shutdowns, the scenario is being highly exaggerated by the media houses.

Yesterday, the total power demand in AP was 245 MU, while the supply was 215 MU. The deficit was only about 30 MU or 12%.

Here is a snapshot from AP Transco website, which clearly nails the lies that Seemandhra media is peddling.

While the facts are thus, Seemandhra media is creating unnecessary fears by showing visuals of darkness in several Seemandhra towns.

According the AP Transco officials, the problem in Seemandhra is not deficit power supply, but a case of electricity sub-stations and transformers being turned off by some miscreants.

Yesterday alone, six deaths were reported in government hospitals of Seemandhra, due to deliberate power cuts.

It is sad that some vested interests are resorting to such unlawful steps to protest against the Telangana decision.

People of Seemandhra towns are already getting into heated arguments with AP Transco staff over these deliberate power cuts. If the situation continues, central government might deploy armed forces at sub-stations and transformers to ensure uninterrupted power supply to people.

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