Hasten Telangana process: Jai Andhra activists


A round table meeting held at Guntur on 8th Sept passed a resolution that the process to create Telangana should be hastened. The meeting was organized by SC, ST, BC & Christian representatives from Andhra and Rayalaseema.

The speakers at the round table opined that dalit bahujans can only get political power in smaller states. They opined that only a handful of capitalists, who looted Telangana’s resources are fueling the Anti-Telangana protests in Seemandhra.

Palnati Sriramulu, editor of Bahujana Keratalu said that the Jai Andhra movement has already picked up in Krishna, Guntur and Prakasham districts. He said that this movement needs to spread to Rayalaseema and Kosta districts.


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