Ground Water levels increase in State

A series of proactive measures taken up by Telangana government have yielded dramatic results in the state. Once known for parched fields, Telangana today has a dynamic groundwater reserve of about 530 TMC, which is almost equal to the combined storage capacity of Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar Dams. 

Timely completion of large irrigation projects like Kaleshwaram, rejuvenation of lakes under Mission Kakatiya and building of several check dams on streams and rivulets has resulted in this positive change. Increase in availability of surface water also reduced the extraction of underground water to only 50%. 

These facts were revealed by the results of a latest survey that is carried out by state government. According to the survey report, the net annual groundwater available in Telangana is about 530 tmcft in the dynamic zone (shallow aquifer), i.e, up to 300 feet.  Telangana State Ground Water Department Director Pandith Madhnure, stated that the extraction of groundwater in the state was just 50%, whereas the all India average is at 61.6%

“The groundwater extraction in the state was 65 per cent in 2016-17 and in the latest study, we found that it has reduced to 50%,” Madhnure said.



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