‘Forbes India’ analysis underscores the robust economic growth of Telangana in BRS rule

The popular magazine Forbes India gave a big thumbs up to the rule of KCR in the last ten years. Forbes India emphasized that Telangana stood at the bottom of the debt-to-GSDP ratio while leading the country in per capita income growth over the past five years.

An analysis by Forbes India delves into the extent of debt compared to GSDP across states, based on budget estimates for 2023-24. Telangana’s GSDP is estimated at around Rs. 14 lakh crore, and the state debt stands at 23.8 percent of GSDP. This ratio indicates that the state’s debts are well within control.

Among the 27 states assessed, Telangana is positioned as the fifth-lowest in terms of debt burden. This Forbes report refutes claims that Telangana is drowning in debts, debunking the narrative put forth by the recently released white paper by the Congress government, portraying it as an attempt to discredit KCR’s ten-year rule.

Furthermore, a recent RBI Handbook has affirmed Telangana’s position as the leader in per capita NSDP (Net State Domestic Product) growth over the last five years. The list, compiled by the RBI based on per capita NSDP growth at constant prices from 2017-18 to 2022-23, underscores Telangana’s remarkable growth of 28.52 percent.