Fire officials rescue a 4-year-old girl from a manhole in Hyderabad

A four-year-old girl got a new lease of a life on Sunday after personnel of the Telangana State Emergency Services rescued her from a 12 feet deep drain into which she slipped and fell at Gowliguda.

The girl, identified as Divya was playing with her sister and two of her friends at around 10 am when she accidentally fell into the manhole.

On getting the information about the incident, the girl’s parents rushed to the spot but were not able to do anything.

The firemen placed an iron ladder inside the drain and fire Constable Kranthi Kumar entered the manhole to rescue the girl. She was rescued within 15 minutes.

The girl was given first aid immediately after she was rescued from the manhole. Though the victim was not injured, she was shocked after the incident.

“I am getting calls from senior officials and also from the public. I feel I have served the department in the right spirit for this is what we are trained for,” Kranthi said.

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