Fact Vs Fiction On TDP Goonda Bheri

When it comes to Telangana related news, there are always two versions of any news. While one version is a fact, the other is a Seemandhra version of the news. Several media houses (both national and local) are anti Telangana and therefore deliberately publish and telecast anti-telangana news.

When the Telangana Rashtra Samithi conducted a mammoth “Maha Garjana” meeting with about 25 lakh people in Warangal in December 2010, national media did not publish any news about it. This meeting is considered as the largest public gathering in the history of India. Yet, even respected local correspondents of National Media like NDTV’s TS Sudhir, chose to ignore it.

Here is another classic example of such biased reporting.

TDP’s Ranabheri meeting held on 25th May is considered an utter flop by any estimates. About 7000 people, including 3000 police personnel, attended this ‘prestigious’ meeting conducted by a party which has 35 MLAs in the region. Today, even a mandal level Telangana JAC meeting will have more people than those who attended the Ranabheri.

The Times of India carried the following news about the meeting:


But, quite predictably, a daily newspaper known for its anti-Telangana stance – The Hindu reported some unbelievable news: Read on:


It is exactly for this reason that people of Telangana have slowly stopped watching Seemandhra television channels like TV9, NTV, Sakshi, ABN, I News and started watching Telangana channels like T – News, HMTV and Zee 24 Gantalu.

Likewise, the circulation or anti-Telangana news papers like Eenadu, Sakshi, Andhrajyothy, Deccan Chronicle and The Hindu is nose diving day by day.

T-News – a channel dedicated to Telangana news is now leading the TRP ratings for Telangana region pushing back leading channels like TV9 and ETV.

Namaste Telangana – the first mainstream Telangana newspaper is starting tomorrow with a circulation of 7 lakhs, which is equivalent to the circulation of leading Seemandhra dailies like Eenadu and Andhra Jyothy

All this speaks volumes about how desparately people of Telangana are waiting for their ‘own’ media.

The day is not long when all the anti-Telangana media houses will have to shut shop if they continue their false propaganda on the Telangana movement.

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