Erravalli villagers opt for land consolidation

By: R. Avadhani

Bhikshapati, a farmer in this village in Jagadevpur mandal in Gajwel constituency of Medak district, owns two-and-a-half acres of land in different parts of the village. He and his relatives own about 15 acres of land at three different locations here, but are unable to take up farming together as their lands are not located near each others. During the farming season, they have to run helter-skelter to attend agriculture work like tilling, weeding, supplying irrigation and applying fertilisers and pesticides.

Krishna is another farmer in the village. He and his family members have about 15 acres of land at 12 different locations. He too is facing similar problems.

For some people the land is located in Rabavi, and for some it is located in Marribavi.

Though some farmers own land close by,they also face similar problems as the lands are not adjacent.

After deliberation with officials, both Bhikshapati and Krishna and their relatives had given their consent for consolidating their land holdings, a proposal moved by Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao.

No objections are being raised by farmers for two reasons – the move was proposed by none other than the Chief Minister and the quality of land is almost the same .

According to sources, there are about 2,200 acres of land in the village and all small holding farmers came forward for consolidating it. The officials are getting the pahanis, village map and other lands records to double check the ownership before commencing the exercise.

“It will be easy to take up farming activities once the land is consolidated. We can also be in a position to reduce the cost of agriculture,” said Mr. Bhikshapati.

“The Consolidation of Land Holdings Act is not new. However, it was not in use for the past three decades for various reasons. The Chief Minister has initiated the process again so that it will be beneficial for small holding farmers,” explained an officer.

Once the process is successful at Erravalli, it will be extended to other areas as well, the official added.

Source: The Hindu

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