Errabelli & CM Ramesh’s war of words

The Telugu Desam, which is facing the ire of the people of both Telangana and Seemandhra for its ambiguous stance on state’s bifurcation, has got into a new situation with party leaders from both the region targeting each other.

Legislator Errabelli Dayakar Rao on Friday criticised Rajya Sabha member CM Ramesh for filing a petition in the Supreme Court on bifurcation and Article 371-D, and said the action would create hurdles in the process of bifurcation.

Ramesh has moved the Supreme Court challenging the Centre’s decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh. Already, a batch of writ petitions have been filed by Payyavula Keshav, C Sadasiva Reddy and others questioning the formation of Telangana, and a bench will be hearing them on Nov 18.

“It is very unfortunate that the party was forced to make a person (Ramesh) Rajya Sabha member who is not capable of winning even a ward election,” the Telangana leader remarked and warned that if Ramesh tried to create hurdles he would obstruct all the ongoing projects of Ramesh in the Telangana region.

Taking exception to the remarks of Dayakar, the Rajya Sabha member said the senior leader from Telangana was illiterate and uncivilised and he would not like to respond to such person’s allegations. “In fact, I feel there is no need to respond to his allegation at all as he would never understand the sentiments of the people and, more so, legal matters.” Ramesh said the people of Seemandhra would not allow bifurcation until equal justice was done to them which was also the party’s stand. “How can the state be bifurcated without ensuring equal justice to both the regions? Even if 100 Errabellis try to create a separate Telangana it will not materialise until equal justice is done,” Ramesh said and clarified that he had filed the petition in the Supreme Court with the permission of the party leadership.

According to sources, all this drama is to show Errabelli the door. It is believed that he is planning to leave the TDP and join the Congress before the general election. As the party was not able to take a firm decision on bifurcation, leaders from Telangana are under the impression that if they stay with the party they may not be able to win elections.

It is also believed that Errabelli is knowingly provoking leaders from Seemandhra to compel the party to take action against him so that he can quit the party. It became clear during the two-day session of the party when he made anti-Seemandhra statements.

Source: The New Indian Express

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