Electricity JAC Starts Its Shock Treatment

Electricity employees have started their strike. They jumped into the Sakala Janula Samme as part of the ongoing Telangana statehood movement. Except essential electricity networks, they are planning to shutdown all the lines for atleast 8 hours. In a meeting held last evening at mint compound, they warned the state Government that any attempt to impose ESMA or No Work No Pay, they would not hesitate to switch off the essential lines as well.

From today onwards there would not be any bill collection, line maintenance or attending any fuse off calls across Telangana. Electricity JAC Convenor Raghu, speaking at the “Karantolla Samme” meeting, said that Chief Minister looks worried about the current cuts to agriculture sector especially in Telangana. Raghu assured the farmers that need not panic about the current cuts, as the department is not imposing any load shedding for agriculture. He asked the Government why it was not starting production in the hydro power stations, instead of crying foul about Singareni samme, which stopped the coal supplies to thermal stations. Does the Government want to let out water from Srisailam and Sagar projects to the third crop in Seemandhra region, Raghu questioned?

Electricity employees have vowed to give the right shock treatment and will keep increasing their strike voltage until the statehood goal is achieved.

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