Congress leader likely behind assault on BRS corporator Dedeepya Rao

It is reported that Congress leader Naveen Yadav is likely behind the assault on BRS corporator Dedeepya Rao.

It is alleged that Yadav incited two intoxicated women  to attack Dedeepya Rao. The issue began when the corporator raised a complaint over flexies that were lying on road for three months.

The altercation began when the GHMC DRF personnel tried to clear the flexies. Dedeepya Rao alleges that Naveen Yadav and other person named Venkat Yadav were responsible for the attack.

The Vengal Rao Nagar corporator was attacked on Tuesday night in Hyderabad. It is reported that two local women assaulted and abused the corporator while she was in her vehicle.