Concern for asha and sanitation workers proved CM KCR a great human being – KTR

Telangana IT and Industries Minister KTR said on Twitter that it was a testament to the humanitarian rule of CM KCR, who had tripled the salaries of Asha workers, sanitation and public health workers state. The TRS government was paying only Rs 1,800 as an honorarium to Asha workers in the joint state and now it was gradually increasing to Rs 9,750. It is a fitting tribute to the sanitation workers and activists who work to protect public health on a daily basis, a testimony to the TRS government’s commitment to the welfare of all.

The state government has decided to increase the monthly honorarium of 22,533 public health workers and 7,731 sanitation workers by 30 percent. It’s a fitting tribute to those employees, Mr KTR tweeted.

-gollapudi srinivasa rao

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