Compassion and empathy make IT Minister KTR an ideal leader.


Many describe him as young and dynamic but he is much more. Over the years, Mr K T Rama Rao, who is holding several portfolios in the Telangana state cabinet proved himself as an ideal politician winning the hearts of the common man to global CEOs.

Mr Rama Rao carved a niche for himself by reaching out to the needy. At a breathtaking speed, he and his team work day in and day out. Mr KTR, as he is fondly called keeps himself abreast with what is going around and seeks to know if he could be of some help to somebody.

Moved by the performance of a girl Shravani of Narangi village in Medak district who sang `relare rela re’, Mr KTR wished her all the best. He also extended help to Punjabi girl Mallika Handa and gifted her Rs   Rs 15 lakh and a laptop at his personal level. When the Punjab government refused to help her, Mr Rama Rao pitched in boosting the morale of poor girl on learning her plight.

The other day, Mr KTR said he was flattered by a song rendered by 9th class boy Sai Kumar studying in a government school, Tatikunta village, Gadwala Jogulamba district. He rendered the work of Telangana first-generation lyricist Ginne Iddasu. Overnight the boy became very popular on social media. Having come to know about that, Mr K T Rama Rao said he felt happy and wished the boy a bright future as a singer. The minister remarked that the Telangana folk music which was long forgotten is back on centre stage. The list of his kind gestures and his initiatives in attracting investors across the globe goes on and on.

Retired associate professor of English, KU, Mr K Damodar Rao described Mr KTR as an ideal politician in modern politics. “His wide exposure in the US  and involvement in separate Telangana movement helped him understand the entire gamut of society. Though his father’s legacy helped him to some extent, over the years, Mr KTR proved himself inculcating the traits most acceptable to people,” he pointed out.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao.


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