CM KCR meets Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray and NCP leader Sharad Pawar.

Telangana chief minister Mr KCR met Maharashtra chief minister Mr Uddhav Thackery and NCP leader Mr Sharad Pawar at Mumbai.
Mr KCR was trying to forge an alliance of non BJP forces in the country.
Mr KCR had been vocal about how the BJP was trying to usurp powers of states damaging federal spirit and how it toppled the elected governments to capture power in states.
BJP with its greed for power has been dividing people in the name of religion and patriotism. Some sort of unrest and fear was developed among a section of people. Whoever differed with the BJP government, they are being branded as betrayer or urban naxalites including the opposition leaders which is uncalled for.
The country failed to make any progress and with its unsound policies people were put to hardship. The central government has been selling away profit making public sector units. The BJP government failed to bring happiness among people.
Mr KCR vowed to end the BJP rule in the country and had called for an alliance of non BJP parties. In his efforts to build one, he had been meeting leaders of various political parties. Earlier he met Tamilnadu CM Mr Stalin. West Bengal CM Mamatha Benarjee exploring possibilities of floating a united force against BJP.
He is likely to intensify his efforts after the results of elections in five states.
Mr Uddhav Thackeray has praised Mr KCR for his efforts and expressed his full support.
Mr Stalin and Mamatha Benarjee also supported the idea of Mr KCR.
He is likely to tour across the country garnering support. He is also in touch with Uttar Pradesh former chief minister Mr Akilesh Yadav.
By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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