CHITA celebrates Telangana Nite – 2012

Chicagoland Telangana community celebrated TELANGANA NITE – 2012 at Lemont Temple Auditorium in Greater Chicago Area

Chicago Telangana Association (CHITA) is proud to share the successful celebration of Telangana Nite 2012, a large scale cultural event held on Saturday April 28th at Lemont Temple auditorium in Chicago.

Telengana Nite is an annual event organized by CHITA, a tradition started in 2006 and supported by its volunteers and community sponsors. It is an occasion every year for all Telanganites in Greater Chicago area to come together and enjoy the food and cultural programs, in an environment setting filled with the Spirit of Telangana.

The day started with slight drizzle dampening the spirit somewhat but the weather became warmer and rain stopped as the day progressed. Guests started trickling in by 6pm. By 6.30 large numbers of Telanganites arrived along with friends and families. The auditorium was full, overflowing with people exceeding all expectations.

After the sumptuous dinner, the main program started at 7.45pm. The Cultural fest started with ‘Jyothi Prajwalana’, the lamp lighting ceremony, paying respects to Lord Ganesha and The Telangana Talli (The Mother of Telangana). The nonstop hungama continued for more than 3.5 hours. This year the event was attended by more than 600 people consisting of various age groups of Men, Women and Children.

If ‘Jai Bholo Telangana’, and Telangana movement was the main theme of last years Telangana Nite, this years (2012) Telangana Nite is unquestionably focused on another Telangana cultural festival that is ‘Bonalu’. A special set built on stage with a replica of Kakatiya Dwaram and special Mysamma cutout used in bonalu songs were some of the memorable highlights of the night.

Cultural programs began with several songs and dances throughout. Children of various age groups were very enthused to take part in the event with their performances, cheered by the full house throughout the night. Notable community artists from Chicago land area performed as well along with children. Some of the songs performed included ‘Nageti Saallala Na Telangana’, ‘Ammo Vadevado gani kammalistanannade’, ‘Amma Bilellinado Nayana’.

A brief update on CHITA activities in last one eyar was presented by the team which included, in addition to Telangana Nite 2011 and 9th Chicago Bathukamma, a seminar by Professor Ghanta Chakrapani and a condolence meeting for Professor Jayshankar’s demise and ‘An Evening With Goreti Venkanna’.

Cultural program participants were recognized with trophies and Children were rewarded with prizes. Finally, the event was concluded with a note of thanks from CHITA organizing committee, praising all attendees for their whole hearted participation at the celebration.

The following community volunteers were recognized whose effort made the event a grand success: Ajay Bompally, Kishan Reddy, Krishna Rangaraju, Pradeep Damidi, Prakash Jalagam, Purna Chandhar Allamneni, Ramesh Kammala, Ravi Thokala, Shantham Boinpally, Sharath Kalvakota, Sharath Punreddy, Sreenath Chinnala, Sreenivas Goud, Sreenivas Voruganti, Sreeram Aleti, Sridhar Raj, Srinivas Palthepu, Thirumal Nellutla, Venu Chalagonda, Venkat Juwadi, Dilip Balguri, Prasad Balguri, Nitesh Emmidi, Gopal Janagama, Sini Gakkni.

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