Chiddu Lied 3 Times in 3 Sentences

Yesterday, PTI reported the following statement made by Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on the Telangana issue.

“This is a unique situation where political parties in Andhra Pradesh are divided down the middle. Congress, Telugu Desam, CPI, CPI(M) are all divided.  The only party which claims to be undivided is BJP because it has only one member”

The above statement clearly shows how callous the UPA government and Congress party are about the Telangana issue. This is not the first time that someone from UPA or Congress has made such stupid, and senseless statements. In fact, supposedly senior leaders like Pranab Mukherkjee, Veerappa Moily, and Ghulam Nabi Azad have repeated similar lies ad nauseum.

Read the above statement clearly. There are 3 blatant lies in the above 3- sentence statement.

Lie Number One:

CPI has openly supported Telangana statehood. The party has been agitating since few years demanding statehood for Telangana. Yet, Chidambaram wants us to believe CPI is divided on the statehood issue.

Lie Number Two:

CPM has stated on numerous occasions that even though it is against division of linguistic states, it is not going to obstruct the formation of Telangana. The party is not agitating for a united state. But, our dear HM wants us to believe CPM too is divided on the Telangana issue.

Lie Number Three:

Last but not the least. Chidambaram saar wants us to believe BJP has only one MLA in the house, where as even a child knows that it has two MLAs in the state assembly. BJP has always been supportive of the statehood issue and its stand has no relation what so ever with the number of MLAs it has.

Either these leaders are not aware of the ground-level situation in Telangana or are plain liars.

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