Chandrababu conspires to flood Telangana with currency notes

As a part of the conspiracy to make the Mahakutami led by the Congress win the assembly elections in Telangana, the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has started moving his pawns. He has set the stage to flood Telangana with currency notes. Chandrababu is prepared to spend around Rs. 500 crores to bring the Mahakutami to power. The vigilance team in Telangana has received information that huge amount of money is being hidden across Hyderabad under the supervision of four businessmen and two contractors who are believed to be close associates of the TDP supremo. In fact, the money that has been seized by Police recently was supposed to be sent to Karimnagar.

Chandrababu is resorting to all means to be the key decision maker in Mahakutami. As a part of this scheme, Chandrababu sent AP intelligence personnel to Telangana to assess the political situation. With the help of their report, Chandrababu prepared a list of Congress candidates who have prospects of winning their respective seats. He intended to share the list with Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi during his Delhi trip. Though the Congress Party’s list with 60 MLA candidates had already been finalized, the announcement is kept on hold since the party wants to refer to the report by Chandrababu as well.

There is a talk among Congress party leaders that Chandrababu has assured Rahul Gandhi that he would spend even more than 500 Crores if required on both TDP and Congress MLA candidates. Chandrababu has planned to distribute the money with the help of a media baron who is a very close associate to him. It’s an open secret that TDP distributed money to candidates in 1996 Parliament elections from the house of the same media baron who was then a journalist.

The recent IT raids on a couple of firms exposed that huge amount had been transferred to fake companies and the money was stored in Hyderabad. The intelligence teams are aware of the places where the money has been stored. Adding to this, 4 business magnets in Hyderabad who hail from AP are said to be storing another 150 crores to be used in the elections. Some of this money has already been distributed to a few TDP candidates. However, the distribution has stalled temporarily after the police seized the money while it was being sent to Karimnagar recently.

TDP plans to resume the distribution as soon as the candidates are finalized and they would use ambulances to distribute the money. Police identified that TDP had already had a deal about ambulances with the owner of a Medical College, who is a close associate of Chandrababu. It’s to be noted that TDP resorted to a similar strategy in 2014 elections in AP.

TDP wants Home and Irrigation portfolios
If Mahakutami comes to power, Chandrababu wants TDP to be given Home and irrigation portfolios. While irrigation ministry for obvious reasons, the home ministry is sought by Chandrababu to get rid of Vote-for-Note case. It’s a common talk among Congress leaders in their private conversations that getting rid of Vote-for-Note case is the primary motive behind TDP joining hands with Congress. Naidu fears that if TRS comes to power again, KCR with the help of all the evidences collected would quicken the trial in Vote for Note case. This is the reason behind Chandrababu’s desperate attempts to bring the “Unholy Alliance – Mahakutami” to power by using money power.

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