Center might grant Telangana: TG Venkatesh

“TG Venkatesh speaks as if its a condolence meeting of Samaikya Andhra Pradesh” remarked one senior Telugu journalist after watching the fire-brand Rayalaseema leader speak at a press conference in Delhi yesterday evening. That kid of sums up the situation for us.

TG was a part of the Seemandhra delegation that air-dashed to Delhi to sabotage Telangana announcmeent. But, reliable sources say that they were given some shock treatment by the Congress high command.  

“Though the party high command has not told us in so many words, my guess is that the UPA government is moving towards granting Telangana,” said T G Venkatesh, addressing the media in New Delhi yesterday evening.

Another minister Erasu Pratap Reddy also spoke in a reconciliation tone. The body language of these two leaders indicates quite clearly that the Congress high command is leaning towards granting Telangana.

However, Telangana activists warn that it is not yet time for celebrations. The bitter experience that resulted by the Seemandhra leaderships U-turn on December 9th 2009 is still fresh in the minds of Telangana people.

So, let us all hope for the best. But be vigilant about any last minute conspiracies.

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