#CashKutami lays itself bare with wads of currency

By Oracle

Sangareddy Congress contestant Turpu Jayaprakash Reddy, who had his moorings in the Telangana Rashtra Samithi, since migrated to the Congress more than a decade ago, had to cut a sorry figure when Rs. 2.11 crore, meant for distribution to voters, was confiscated at Jubilee Hills on December 4.

Of all the people, the money meant for distribution in favour of Telangana Jana Samithi contestant P Devaiah has been confiscated in Kazipet. The amount seized was a whopping Rs 3 Crores. The TJS, which is part of the Kutami that is contesting against the TRS, is supposed to be the poorest of all the four constituents of the alliance.

These two are just examples. What’s interesting is that the police and the Income Tax officials have together seized a whopping sum of close to Rs. 140 crore so far in the run up to the elections in Telangana and the largest share in the huge hauls recovered by the police belong to the contestants of the Kutami.

N Chandrababu Naidu, who preaches homilies at the top of his voice on every platform, wouldn’t talk about the cash being transported and confiscated in Telangana. Cash coming from Guntur was also seized. Large amounts meant for bribing voters were seized from the vehicles working for Khammam TDP candidate Nama Nageswara Rao, former Minister and Congress contestant Konda Surekha and many others.

If one takes a look at the list of cash seizures, the officials have thoroughly exposed the Kutami candidates.

1. On December 2, Hyderabad Police arrested 4 TDP leaders from Guntur, who were distributing cash at a lodge in Ameerpet. Rs 4.74 lakhs confiscated from them

2. Hyderabad police raided Vimal theatre in Balanagar and confiscated Rs 8,80,700 belonging to Maha Kutami candidate

3. Telangana police had confiscated a whopping Rs 6 Crores from a car at Janagaon. Media reported that this cash belongs to Maha Kutami candidates Konda Surekha, Nama Nageshwar Rao and Vaddiraju Ravichandra

4. The Police arrested Congress leaders Ravinder Reddy, Ramakrishna Reddy at Khila Ghanapuram in Wanaparthy Constituency with unaccounted cash of Rs 5,36,500

5. Secunderabad police arrested the manager of Bhavya Anand Prasad, the Maha Kutami (TDP) candidate from Serilingampally constituency with unaccounted cash of Rs 70 Lakh on December 2

6. Khammam police raided NVR Guest House and seized Rs 8,22,000 belonging to Maha Kutami (TDP) candidate Nama Nageshwar Rao

7. The police confiscated Rs 50 lakhs belonging to Cantonment Maha Kutami (Congress) candidate Sarve Satyanarayana

8. Telangana police raided TDP leader and Andhra Pradesh SC Corporation Chairman Jupudi Prabhakara Rao’s house and arrested two persons with Rs 17.5 Lakh, apparently belonging to Maha Kutami (TDP) Kukatpally candidate Nandamuri Suhasini on December 5

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