BRS leaders dare MP Aravind for debate on Nizamabad’s development

BRS MLA A Jeevan Reddy, MLCs Y Mallesham, and Gangadhar Goud challenged the BJP MP D Aravind to come for an open debate on Nizamabad development. They said it was CM KCR who allocated Rs. 2,500 crore for the development of the district.

They said the IT Minister Mr KTR gave all the respect of Aravind’s father D Srinivas and did not utter a word against him. However, Aravind was abusing the BRS leaders and attacking more. He is stooping too low and making personal comments against the BRS leaders which is unacceptable.

Mr Aravind says there was no power supply in the villages. He should first touch the power lines and test for himself if it was true. He should stop uncharitable remarks against the BRS leaders and the government, they said.

While the BJP MPs in Telangana are roaming around misleading people, it was minister Mr KTR who went to Davos and brought Rs. 21,000 crores in investments by attending 52 meetings.

If BJP leaders claim that Modi is God without doing anything to the people of the country, Mr KCR is certainly a God to the people of Telangana as he delivered many promises and strived for their welfare round the clock, the BRS leaders said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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