BRS going from strength to strength

With each passing day, the BRS party is gaining public support and attention from leaders from across the country.

Leaders of various political parties from different states are meeting the Telangana chief minister and founder of BRS K Chandrasekhar Rao. They are evincing keen interest in joining the party and urging him to constitute a party committee in their respective states.

After the leaders from Andhra Pradesh, the other day, Odisha former chief minister Giridhar Gomang met Mr KCR and discussed the present political scenario in the country. According to sources, as many as 13 sub-regional parties in the country are ready to merge with the BRS party which is a great advantage.

BRS founder Mr KCR too aims at winning at least 75 Lok Sabha seats in the next general elections which is reasonably an easy target. With that, the BRS will certainly have greater bargaining power and power to play a key role in the formation of government at the centre.

Going by the present political situation in the country, no leader from any state are daring to question the fascist BJP government and its anti people policies. It is only KCR who bravely launched an attack on the BJP and Modi who are undermining the democracy and federal spirit.

There is no other leader speaking against the injustices of BJP and as articulate as Mr KCR in the country at present.

The political observers opine that BRS will certainly make an impact in national politics. The party would make inroads into not only Southern states but also in the Northern part of the country.

More leaders particularly those representing farmers and unorganised labour are requesting Mr KCR to expand the party and are eager to identify themselves with the party there.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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