BRS announces new policies for the country

Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and president of the newly founded Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) party has said his party had begun framing new policies for the country.
According to him, with a view to give access to all people in education and health services, the party had roped in retired Supreme Court judges, IAS officers, and economists to draft the policies. The work is in progress.
A new water policy that aims at ending the disputes between the states and increased delay in tribunals, a new water policy would be put in place.
Though the country has the ability to progress economically, due to the unsound policies of the present regime, the rupee values decline to a low of Rs 82 against the dollar. This calls for a sound approach and BRS is accepting the challenge.
Even today after 75 years of independence, there are several habitations that have no power connection. The country has the capacity to generate four lakh Mega Watt power and has abundant resources such as water, coal, and solar energy. The perennial rivers help us produce another one lakh MW of power. A new power policy is the need of the hour that the BRS decides to focus on.
Mr Chandrasekhar Rao pointed out that the country is endowed with fertile land and hard-working farmers. Indeed the country should not depend on other countries for food but indeed should serve others. There should not come a situation where the farmers are forced to take to the streets. The BRS will come up with a new foolproof agricultural policy.
The concept of treating the dalit, tribals, and BCs are vote bank by the political parties should end forthwith. The menace of untouchability that still haunts them should go. They all should be empowered economically and socially. New growth engines are needed for this purpose. The BRS will bring a `Weaker Sections Upliftment Policy’.
Mr Rao also pointed out that there were no women as chairpersons in market committees in Telangana. But the state government appointed women as chairpersons in separate Telangana state. They are all doing excellent work. If women were given an opportunity, they would do on par with men. Since women constitute 50 percent of the population, they should get their due in all spheres of life. The BRS will bring a new policy for women’s empowerment.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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