BJP goes the Congress way, groups within BJP to the fore

With one-upmanship, craving for power within the party, attacking each other, and maintaining one’s own group, the BJP dreams to come to power in Telangana state. Hardly there were candidates to contest in all the 119 Assembly seats, the four or five leaders who sweat out daily to be in news with their immature talk go on boasting of unseating the BRS in Telangana.

The immature and distasteful remarks by BJP state president Bandi Sanjay against the BRS MLC K Kavitha resulted in widespread condemnation. Now his party men are disowning him for his act. MP D Aravind came out in public and told the media persons that Sanjay’s comment about K Kavitha has nothing to do with the BJP.

Another senior and powerful leader within the party Perala Shekhar Rao accused Sanjay of damaging the party. He colluded with the granite mafia, resorting to settlements, and acting autocratically within the party and his immaturity is causing untold harm to the party, he said.

Senior politicians – M Raghunandan Rao, Eatela Rajender, and D Aravind aspired for the post of State unit president. As the party high command decided to continue Sanjay, they are maintaining a low profile and distance from the state leadership.

Perala Shekhar took strong objection to immature comments of Sanjay like demolition of mosques, blackmailing, ignoring loyal party cadre, lack of coordination, and selfishness which stunted the growth of BJP in Telangana state.

Aravind pointed out that Sanjay’s group cannot justify his remarks against K Kavitha stating that it was an adage used by people. He said there are many sayings, but one should be careful while using them taking into consideration timing, context, and the other person’s social standing.

It is surprising to see a section of BJP leaders claiming that they will come to power in Telangana. The party has hardly 10 percent votes and hardly any presence in rural parts. Before setting up the house properly, the infighting is likely to lead the party to a collapse.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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