Be cautious of Congress leaders: Minister KTR at Mulugu

As the elections are nearing, the Congress leaders are now visiting villages and instigating people against the government that is committed to the welfare of the people. Addressing a public meeting in Mulugu, Minister KT Rama Rao said the Congress leaders here demand for more procurement of paddy but that same party that is in power in neighbouring Chattisgarh district refuse to buy more than 10 quintals per acre. But in Telangana, the BRS government is procuring the last grain.“Do not believe what Congress leaders are saying. They come donning different characters and try to hoodwink you,” KTR told the crowds.

From the time of independence to 2014, the government spent Rs. 800 crore towards pensions for 29 lakh people. But the BRS government in Telangana is spending Rs. 11,000 crore annually towards pensions to 46 lakh people. “The work of the Chief Minister KCR is visible to you all. Even in this peak summer, all the canals and tanks are full of water and water is going through surplus weir. This is enough to say how committed our CM KCR is towards the welfare of farmers and people of this state,” Mr KTR pointed out.

Mr KTR and ministers Md Mahmood Ali, Errabelli Dayakar Rao and Satyavathi Rathod, DGP Anjani Kumar and several others visited the Mulugu district on Wednesday. They laid the foundation stone for the new collector office complex, district police headquarters, bus depot and bus stand among others.

Mr KTR citing a line of famous poet Dasarathi who said ‘Na Telangana koti ratanala Veena’, the minister said he would proudly announce that ‘Na Telangana kotinnara ekarala maagana’ – meaning the state government created 1.5 crore acre of wetland for cultivation providing all the necessary paraphernalia.

Later the minister visited historic Ramappa temple where he keenly listened to the unique features of the architectural splendour of the temple. He took part in the irrigation day celebrations there before returning to the state capital.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao