Banks to give advances to Andhra employees

This is another naked example of how the Seemandhra protests have the direct support of some top bosses in state government.

In an surprising move, several banks in Seemandhra have decided to issue ‘advances’ to state government employees, who are on strike. Issuing ‘advances’ to one or two persons per a bank branch is common practice in banks. But the latest move by some banks to issue ‘advances’ to thousands of employees is unheard of.

The government employees in Seemandhra have been on strike since last 40 days opposing the formation of Telangana. They are facing severe financial hardships as they did not get their August month salaries. With the September month also coming to an end, their financial woes are only going to worsen now.

The SC, ST & Minority sections of APNGOs have already started attending their duties. Several RTC employees are having a tough time to even meet their basic needs.

The Samaikyandhra leaders were assuring the worried Seemandhra employees that something ‘dramatic’ is going to happen by 7th Sept meeting of APNGOs in Hyderabad. But even 3 weeks after the 7th meeting was over, nothing ‘dramatic’ seems to be happening.

With situation turning from bad to worse, the Samaikyandhra leaders fear that they cannot hold back the APNGOs from withdrawing the strike for long.

Apparently, a top Seemandhra leader has influenced some of the PSU banks to lend advances to employees, so that they don’t face financial hardships during the festival season.




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