Bankrupt Leadership at Center

By Subhash Chandra

Chidambaram’s comments on the mass resignations by Telangana’s elected representatives is proof of total bankruptcy of India’s National leadership and utter mockery of Democracy. These corrupt, impotent, deceptive, treacherous, immoral, and despotic “leaders” at the helm of the Nation of India bring back memories of the same in several dictatorships across the globe.

When elected representatives of a region, Telangana (114,840 sq km), which is larger than many countries in the world resign enmasse, it is an earth shattering political event. In any democracy, such a historic and revolutionary act of defiance (democratic) by the people and their elected representatives would have brought down the Nation’s government to its knees and the wishes of the people become the command for the government.

But, in India, the despotic leaders at the Centre call it inconsequential. What are we to surmise from such stupendous lack of common sense? Are they blind? Are they deaf? Are they so DUMB that they cannot even comprehend? Or, are they so despotic that they deserve to be shunted out of the country into an exile from where they would never be allowed to return? Even Pakistan’s Musharraf wasn’t so blind, so deaf, so dumb as all these crass politcians – Chidambaram, Digvijay, Azad, Pranab, etc. are!.

Have we, as a nation and a civil society, gone so astray that it requires a major realignment to bring back Democracy and Governance to India? This is a time when we have to introspect deeply and intensely about the cross-roads we all have come to as a nation. We must take lessons from the History of the World. Despotism in India by the Congress Politicians has reached an unsustainable level that the future of the nation is in question. Just as the peoples of various nations like Romania, Poland, etc. have thrown out their despotic leaders in the last couple of decades, Indians have to get rid of this cancer of despotism and the despotic leaders. They have lost all their senses. They do not deserve to be our leaders much less deserve to govern the great nation of India.

More than Telangana is at stake today. The whole nation needs to be rescued from the Fascists. Of course, the Fascists of AP are instrumental in spreading Fascism across the nation through their ill gotten wealth through corruption and wholesale looting of the Telangana, the State, and the Nation.

Perhaps, Telangana is to be proud for its leading role in awakening the Nation and cleansing its filth (the nexus of corrupt politicians, businessmen, and bureaucracy). Telangana is fighting not just for itself but for the whole nation. Today, Telangana has given the Clarion Call. I hope that the Nation wakes up and joins Telangana in this epic and historic fight.

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