Apparel park to employ more women in Rajanna Sircilla district

The efforts of Textile minister K T Rama Rao yielding good results for the people of Rajanna Sircilla district. The Gokul Das company has set up its unit investing Rs 23.58 crores and presently employing 1,000 women in two shifts. Women from neighbouring districts are also employed in this unit earning a salary ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 per month.
The Texport company, another popular garment company is setting up its unit at Sardapur on the outskirts of Sircilla town with an investment of Rs 175 crores on 65 acres of land. Here, the unit will produce all kinds of garments including suiting and shirting.

The state government provided 7.40-acre land to Texport and presently construction of sheds is underway. It will employ another 2,000 women from local areas. In the first phase, it will employ 1,600 women in two shifts, and in the second phase, it will employ 2,000 women.

Minister Mr. K T Rama Rao has promised and delivered it. Once all the companies committed start operations, the Sircilla will become a beehive of activity. Not the employees of companies but others will set up small shops to make a living thus generating indirect employment for scores of people.

The people of Rajanna Sircilla are profusely thanking Mr. Rama Rao for his concern and good deeds.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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