Another Bogus Seemandhra Booklet

Apparently the Seemandhra MLAs have distributed a booklet in State Assembly today, which accuses Telanganites as drunkards. As usual, the booklets didn’t contain the name of the publisher. This is the third time the Seemandhra MPs/MLAs have resorted to such cheap techniques.

Earlier, Lagadapati Rajgopal, MP from Vijayawada distributed a cheap copy-paste pamphlet in Parliament , but later he said he doesn’t know who has done that.

Last week, the Seemandhra MPs distibuted an anonymous booklet containing select anti-Telangana excerpts from Justice Srikrishna’s report.

But as a reply to these cheap tactics, our Telangana MPs have boldly distributed to all MPs in Parliament, copies of “Justice Srikrishna’s Injustice” -a booklet published by Telangana Development Forum and Telangana Vidyavantula Vedika. This book contained all the errors, half-truths and biased arguments in the SKC report. It contained full information about the organizations which have published the booklet. This goes on to prove how legitimate our struggle is and how illegitimate the Seemandhra’s argument is.

This is not the first time that people of Telangana have been branded as drunkards. Right from the day Andhra state merged with Telangana region, numerous Seemandhra leaders have repeated this accusation on many occasions

And we have proved time and again, that when it comes to drinking, Seemandhra region fares better than Telangana region!

Look at the latest (Feb 2011) liquor sales figures obtained from AP Beverages Corporation website:

The districts of Ranga Reddy (RR Dist) and Hyderabad top the list because the Hyderabad Metropolitan city lies within these two districts. Since the capital city has huge population the sales are naturally high. Capital city also attracts a large number of tourists, migrants from other states and regions. High consumption of imported liquor in Star hotels and Pubs of Hyderabad contributes a lions share to the liquor revenue in these two districts.

Another interesting part is all the migrant colonies like Kukatpally, Madhapur, Vanasthalipuram fall under the RR district. Also, the highest license bid of Rs 5.21 crore for a liquor shop had been for a shop at Nadikudi in Guntur district.

If we take out the top two districts in terms of liquor sales, four of the next five districts belong to Seemandhra region

Now, its for you to decide who are the real drunkards.

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