Annapurna canteens feed over 10 crore people so far.

With chief minister Mr KCR resolving that no person should go hungry, he has set up Annapurna canteens across Hyderabad city. The canteens so far fed over 10 crore people. Quality food is being offered at Rs 5 at 373 canteens across the Hyderabad city. The government so far spent Rs 192 crore for the purpose. Municipal administration minister Mr KTR took special interest in ensuring quality food and necessary infrastructure at these canteens.

The scheme is being executed with the help of the Hare Krishna Movement. On par with the hotels, at 32 canteens seating arrangement was also made available with all other facilities spending Rs 10 lakh each at these centres. Food is prepared for 45,000 people every day and is transported to Annapurna centres and GHMC spends Rs 16 lakh every day for the purpose. These canteens are serving the poor, unemployed youth, small time workers, bachelors, students and other hapless persons who frequent the city on a daily basis.

Many of whom particularly the students and small-time employees thank the chief minister Mr KCR for his kind gesture. They remind that the canteens served them even during the Corona pandemic as well, the time when they most required.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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