Andhras ask Telanganas to get out of Hyderabad

Photo: APNGO leaders addressing a meeting at Anantapur

By: Sujai K

The true intentions of Andhras are coming out as predicted. Andhras want to kick out Telanganas from Hyderabad. They demand that Hyderabad should be given to Seemandhras; and they ask Telanganas to create a capital city of their own.

For a very long time now, actually for over four years now, Telanganas have been trying to tell anyone who had cared to listen that Seemandhras have absolutely no intention of living with Telanganas in the same state. All their slogans of ‘unity is strength’ and ‘kalasi unte kaladu sukham’ are just empty rhetoric to legitimize their ugly movement to grab Hyderabad from Telangana.

Recently, Andhras have resorted to a cunning trick, something no Telangana would dream of – sending their women folk to New Delhi to talk to the central leaders on behalf of Samaikyandhra movement. The women delegation consisting of wives of Seemandhra elected leaders told everyone on TV that they demanded Hyderabad for themselves. They want Hyderabad for Seemandhra people while Telangana should give up Hyderabad to create a new capital city.

Yesterday, APNGO leader Ashok Babu upped the ante. He said that Seemandhras will flood Hyderabad to occupy it with a million people and would become violent if necessary. He warned Telangana people of an impending civil war. He told those who were clapping in ecstasy that Telangana people should get out of Hyderabad so that Seemandhras can have it as their own capital city.

The evil designs of Andhras have come out in the open.

People of Telangana should wake up.

Any agreement on shared-capital, joint-capital, or common-capital is bound to be disastrous for people of Telangana. If we accept a mechanism whereby Seemandhra continues to have a role to play in the affairs of Hyderabad, they will use it to completely encroach Hyderabad in the coming few years. They will then demand a separate status for Hyderabad. Telangana will eventually lose Hyderabad.

No matter what, we cannot match up to their power of lobbying and bribing. Who knows what kind of government it will be at the center in ten years? What are the chances that after ten years Seemandhras will leave Hyderabad like gentlemen? If they could be gentlemen in the first place, they would have honored Gentlemen’s Agreement of 1956, and we would not be on streets today fighting for separate Telangana.

History has given us enough evidences that Seemandhras cannot be trust to act like gentlemen and therefore any agreement with them will be turn out to be a noose around our neck.

Say NO to joint-capital, Say NO to shared-capital, Say NO to common-capital.

And say it loud and clear:

Not an inch of Hyderabad.
Not a minute in Hyderabad.

What we need is a clean slate Telangana, no if and no buts.

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