Andhra Leaks 10: When Tollywood Said “Jai Andhra”

One of the main issues that provided a fillip to the statehood movement is the negative portrayal of Telangana culture and people in Telugu movies. This happens because the Telugu Film industry is completely dominated by Coastal Andhrites. There are several instances of Telangana artists being deliberately sidelined by the Coastal Andhra cinema lobby.

Noted Telugu film personalities keep parroting that they are artists and they don’t have regional feelings. They say Andhra and Telangana are equal to them.

Here is a glimpse of some rare clips of advertisements issued by various Telugu film personalities supporting the  “Jai Andhra” movement of 1972.

These clips prove beyond doubt where Tollywood’s loyalties lie.

1) Statement by Anjali Devi

2)  Statement By Vani Shree

3)  Statement by Jamuna

4) Statement by SV Ranga Rao

5) Statement by Chaya Devi

6) Gummadi speaking in support in a Jai Andhra Meeting 1972

7) Krishnam Raju statement in support of Jai Andhra

8 )  Shoban Babu mourns Jai Andhra Martyrs!

9)  Krishna in support of Jai Andhra

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