All Roads Lead to Medaram Jatara

One of the biggest tribal festivals of Asia, the Samakka-Sarakka Jatara started on Wednesday with the arrival of Sarakka at Medaram. Amid thousands of devotees, priests of the Kaka family brought Sarakka in the vermillion form and installed her at the gaddelu. Priests performed puja at her abode Kanneplly village before bringing her to the gaddelu at around 8.30 pm.

Meanwhile, Sarakka’s husband Govinda Raju had been brought to the gaddelu from Kondai village of Eturunagarm, and her father Pagidigidda Raju from Punugondla of Kothaguda mandal.

Priests of the Kaka family including Venkateshwarlu, Kiran, Kanakamma and others performed the puja and installed Sarakka at the gaddelu. It is believed that the Goddess comes in the form of vermillion in a casket.

Meanwhile, Endowments minister A Indrakaran Reddy, ITDA PO Amoy Kumar, Mulug ASP Vishwajit Kampati and other officials also participated in the procession. Home minister Nayani Narsimha Reddy, along with his family members, offered prayers at the Sammakka-Sarakka gaddelu. The minister offered 93 kg jaggery equivalent to his weight.

Speaking to mediamen on the occasion, he said the Jatara would be celebrated as a ‘national festival’ next year as the state government was making all out efforts to get the national festival status.

Expressing satisfaction over the arrangements, he said he had inspected the works following directions of the CM. IG Naveen Chand, DIG B Malla Reddy, MP A Seetaram Naik accompanied the home minister.

Telangana JAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram and noted film director and writer B Narsinga Rao also offered prayers at Medaram.

Adilabad Spruced up for Mini Jatara

District officials have made all arrangements for the mini Samakka-Sarakka Jatara to be held at more than 20 places in the district. The SCCL management has arranged for the facilities in Adilabad itself in order to see that the workers offer their prayers at these local shrines as they generally go to Medaram in Warangal which hits the coal production.

Source: The New Indian Express


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