29… Short Film

29…Anni Dostaanulu okelaa undavu is a short story by a group of young Telangana filmmakers. In 7 short minutes, the film brilliantly captures the relationship between the three regions of current day Andhra Pradesh.

The film shows three friends, Seenu, Naidu and Reddy, who complete their studies in university and begin their journey back home. Seenu represents innocent Telangana, while Naidu’s character represents the cunning Andhra. Reddy is the typical Rayalaseema guy, who tags along with the Andhra guy.

The director uses the analogy of a water bottle to show how the Andhra region uses water that rightfully belongs to Telangana and even shares the loot with Rayalaseema.

The film ends with the Seenu (Telangana guy) proving he is no less to the Andhra and Rayalaseema guys. Seenu also subtly warns that if Reddy (Rayalaseema) is not careful, then he too would be exploited by Naidu (Andhra)

The film is a good attempt to visually present the real relationship between three regions of Andhra Pradesh.

Film Crew:

Cast: Shiva, Rajendar, Prasad
Screenplay, Direction: Ajay Pulipati
Story, Concept, Dialogues: Karre Malli
Asst Directors: Amma Venu, Abhishek Ghanta
Cinematography: Mahipal Reddy

Watch the film here:

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