TRS pursues release of six Sircilla workers held in Dubai

  • May 28, 2013 10:26 am

A TRS delegation led by its legislator K.T. Rama Rao visited Kathmandu on May 23 and 24 to pursue the matter of getting six persons from Sircilla area in Karimnagar languishing in a Dubai jail since 2007 released by convincing another victim’s family to sign the mercy petition.

Mr. Rama Rao stated that six migrant labourers from Sircilla area – S. Mallesh, S. Ravi, N. Venkati, D. Laxman, S. Hanumanthu and Syed Kareem – were lodged in a Dubai jail after they were sentenced to life for 25 years. They were charged for the murder of Dilprasad Rai, a Nepali citizen who was also a migrant worker there. An Indian NGO, Migrants Rights Council (MRC), with the help of UAE-based Telangana organisations had been pursuing the case. As a result of their continuous efforts, the family of the deceased had agreed to accept blood money of Rs. 15 lakh to pardon the six convicts in accordance with the laws of Dubai.

The families of the convicts had appealed to the Chief Minister and Prime Minister’s Office for financial assistance, but in vain. The TRS had taken up the issue after learning about the six families’ plight through the media. A philanthropist and head of Venkat Sai Media, Rajasekhar, had offered financial support of Rs. 15 lakh.

Courtesy: the Hindu

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