Why Hyderabad people need to vote for TRS in GHMC Elections?

By: J R Janumpalli

Telangana state is not like other 28 states in the country. It is a newly formed state still suffering with several baby blues. Though,TRS has won a comfortable mandate to rule the state in the general elections 2014, still there are certain political hangovers that are nibbling at the full fledged political freedom of the new state. Now the ruling TRS winning in the ensuing GHMC elections is an important event to consolidate the formation of the new State. In that context,here are some of the reasons why people need to vote for TRS in GHMC elections.

  • Telangana is a new state with several things pending for a full fledged state. The maiden TS govt. needs its sovereign control on its capital, for completion of the formation of the state.
  • Hyderabad is designated as joint capital for 10 years with A.P. TS govt. needs its administration control on Hyderabad city to maneuver Andhra government presence in the city and to see it smoothly transit to its Andhra capital without causing any hiccups, given the antecedents of Telangana state struggle.
  • Hyderabad is the capital of TS. Its govt. needs control on it for its development commensurate with its mega development plans on the anvil to make it a world class city.
  • In TS except TRS there are no other political parties with exclusive Telangana interests. All the other parties have their high commands from out side the state. Their local units are subservient to their high commands and cannot fully vouchsafe for TS interests.
  • A. P. political leadership and its colonialists want to have their proxy control on the city for their political advantage and vested interests. If they gain such control, they can trouble TS govt. and work for future political inroads in to the state, which can be detrimental to the political and economic interests of TS.
  • Andhra political outfits also entertain the ideas of ‘UT’ and other such redundant notions to deprive TS people to enjoy full rights in their capital like any other native people in other state capitals. TS people need to nip such unscrupulous ideas in the bud itself, by not allowing them political foothold in the city.
  • Andhra politicians canvass an erroneous impression that andhras are more in Hyderabad than the native telanganites because of the TRS not winning many seats in GHMC area in the general elections. It is now proved that it was because of lakhs of duplicate votes of andhras in the city. Already 4.3 lakh voters are removed and another 7.9 lakh voters are identified. There is need to correct this impression and establish the majority of native Telangana voters by winning GHMC elections to settle the issue once for all. And not to give scope to them to play any strife torn politics in Hyderabad.
  • Winning Mayoral authority in Hyderabad for TRS is needed to make the cup of political sovereignty of Telangana people on their state full. It is essential to subjugate the political parties like T-Congress,T-TDP and T-BJP who harp on the cross border interests, rather than the interests of Telangana people.
  • The people with origins from outside state who made Hyderabad their home city need to understand the need for TS government to have its political control on the city for stability, peace and progress.
  • Even people of andhra origin who made Hyderabad as their home city, should identify their interests with Telangana State as its citizens. They should not become pawns in the hands of political parties who want to foment trouble in the name of division of state. They should now vote for TRS for peace and prosperity in their own interest.
  • Hyderabad is the heritage of Telangana people. Its status and future can not be negotiated in any ways. To ensure that there should be a resounding win for TRS the only political party with unequivocal Telangana ethos.

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7 Responses

  1. Aditya says:

    Be a Roman if you are in Rome.Be a Hyderabadi if you are in Hyderabad.Cross border loyalties make one uncomfortable any where.

    • sree says:

      When will you move on buddy? TRS has moved on…Andrites in Hyd have clearly moved on…They were persuaded by the opposite argument that they are acceptable to TRS with divided loyalties.KTR claimed that rhetoric was bad on both sides during the agitation and that we should move on.He himself admitted that there is a part of Guntur in him. He claims many of his closest friends were from Guntur with limited loyalty to TG but have agreed that it is time to vote TRS as a gesture of moving on..

      I am still astonished by your clarity of thought in this matter of loyalties. I am guessing that you never migrated beyond your region nor have you any formal education in human developmental psychology. So if I am hearing you right, If you move to Mumbai for a job and settle there, You will swear allegiance to Shiv Sena and will have no loyalty or warm feelings towards Telangana.So be it.So all this love towards Telangana is only till you live there because once you move to Rome you will become a Roman and show your middle finger to TG.

      I have pretty warm feelings and loyalty towards Hyderabad, London, Kakinada, Jamaica (all the places I have called home in the past) although I have sworn absolute allegiance to the USA and US citizen living in the Northeast of USA.I am just a normal human being and not uncomfortable with my loyalties. I am comfortable everywhere. The divided loyalties help me love Jerk Chicken, Biryani and Old speckled hen with equal passion and make me who I am..I asked my mom to vote for TRS and she did.

  2. Srinivas says:

    I totally agree with this article.
    VOTE KCR VOTE TRS Hyderabad.

  3. Aditya says:

    Winning GHMC was a historic necessity for the nascent state of Telangana and its maiden state government.The people have realized it and rose to the occasion.Native telangana people unlike in the general election went plumb for TRS now.People with origins from outside state except from Andhra have rallied around TRS in a big way this time. Andhra origin voters were divided; certain sections of them voted for TRS aginst TDP-BJP cambine as a reaction for certain political developments in A.P.The combination of this has created such a big victory.Interalia the underlying political necessity to guard against the subverting pro-andhra political forces, was an important factor in forging such majority.

  4. J R Janumpalli says:

    It is the spirit of new found Telangana political freedom. The people of Telangana understood correctly who is the friend and who is the foe.KCR used his cards well and CBN could not.For, people of Telangana understood now that CBN and his company is the arch enemy of Telangana and shown the door.It is a clear declaration that TS including Hyderabad belongs to telangana people not outsiders or historical ‘gate crashers’. If they want to be in TS they should be a part of it.No more proxy politics.It is good people from outside also understood this.It is the same story in Mumbai, Chennai,Bangalore etc.Telangana people called the bluff of CBN and his TDP.It is a good augury for TS.

  5. J R Janumpalli says:

    It is a TRS Blitzkrieg!
    It is a TRS Blitzkrieg! Now TS cup of political freedom is full, having gained absolute political control on its mofussil constituency and the capital.And showing TDP, which was breathing down the neck of Hyderabad city, and T-Congress & T-BJP who were only enamored of andhra settler votes, more importantly their bogus duplicate votes, rather than Telangana votes,their spots. TS people now say with unmistakable confidence that “हैदराबाद शहर हमारा है , किसी और का नहीं !” despite andhra govt. presence in the city.It is a sweep of chagrined telangana spirit against unscrupulous claims of TDP on Hyderabad city.

  6. vidap says:

    Hai all,

    — The article posted by Shri.JR Janumpalli is commendable. The final out come is what he predicted is corrected. Many thanks for the nice article.

    Jai Telangana Jai Jai Telangana. Long live TRS party for its objectives and doings.

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