Top three mining districts in AP are from Telangana

The latest saga of plunder of Telangana resources has motivated MT team to look up the mineral revenue of Andhra Pradesh. And as usual  we stumbled upon some startling statistics.

The top three districts in terms of mining revenue are from Telangana. That is a whopping 79% of the revenue from top 5 mining districts comes from Telangana. If this is the situation now, imagine what would happen when revenue from Bayyaram Iron Ore mines, which is estimated at several lakhs of crores, starts coming in.

This should help understand why Seemandhra leaders are so scared of Telangana statehood.


Top Mining Districts in Telangana

Regional Shares in Top Mining Districts


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8 Responses

  1. D V RAJESH says:

    Yes its 100% TRUE.

    Karim nagar is the centre for mining. not only Coal, its having the best quality of sand, and the finest quality of GRANITE, infact the export quality.

    Evalanna alwal la unte, they can observe, everyday poddugala kalla almost 20-25 lorries with full load of sand atla varasa betti nilbedtaru. I heard this sand is from Godavari of Karimnagar.

    Godavarikhani coal mines gurinchi cheppakkrledu. every body knows that.

    But most of the TELANGANA guys never concentrated on GRANITE mafia (ofcourse seemndhra mafia) in Karimnagaer dist.

    Karmnagar kelli Vemulawada, siricilla route la one can observe the granite quarries. All these mines were being looted by SA. aada adigite sethu andhra kelli achindu, ani cheptaru.

    recent ga kondagattu gutta mottam granite ani telsi, aada quarry modalu pettalani govt. auction ki piliste, people from surrounding mandals like Malyala protested against it. because the surrounding areas get rainfall due to this GUTTA only.
    moreover Kondagattu Anjanna gudi ki kuda problem vastadani.

    Devudi Gudi undi, pavitramaina place adi guda alochincharu janalu, kavalsndi quarry.

    Limestone minerals near by Dharmapuri, almost attached to Adilabad. Inka Adilabad la Devapur cement factory is all dependant on its own Limestone mineral only.

    ippudu IRON ore..itla chala mineral RICH GADDA MANA TELANGANA.

    dongalu Dosukapotundru..kaapadukovale..


    • prashanth says:

      Anna, chala baga chapinavu.
      Telanaga is hub of critical resource. 20% of coal revenue is from Telangana and 40% of forestry is in telangana.
      Even having so many resource, the area is underdeveloped.
      That is the reason we want seperate state.

      Jai Telangana

  2. vijayshree says:

    What Rajesh said is absolutely right, we have our roots in this coal belt-Karimanagar-Khammam, Adilabad and Warangal..I have known hearing the sad stories of Singareni miners..and their once upon glorious times..

    Kondagutta is considered a very sacred mountain, and our relatives in the villages, go there for think that it was going to fall prey to granite quarrying speaks volumes of their greed and this open war that they have declared on our lands..

    In Nalgonda, also, the stone quarrying is just going on without any hindrance..Hills are being blasted out of existence, time was when Yadagirigutta was a place to stay to cool off in summer, but it has become like one hot furnace..:Land around it has been completely taken over for building resorts..It has fallen prey to all kinds of mafia, real estate and stone mafia..

    To see the pristine godavari reduced to just a ribbon is just heart breaking and to think that all this has gone on and we have allowed it to go on, makes me think..We should stop them, at least now, all of us..

    Jai Telangana!

  3. vijayshree says:

    They are trying to drown us in lies, they think we are unaware of what is going on and from where, the revenue is coming and how they have become so rich..Agriculture does not make you into billionaires, even you know that, but commiting dacoity does..

    You might not be ashamed of going into jails, for money but we will not rest until, Telangana is rid of you and your evil designs..

    You can just forget about Bayyaram, even as single lorry will not move from there, do whatever you want to do..

    Jai Telangana

  4. rajkumar says:

    ANNI UNNA CMANDHRA SHANI PATTI PEEDISTUNNADI. This is yet another reason for Telangana ppl to achieve the state. We have rivers, huge revenues, human resource, mineral wealth, etc., Telangana state will be the most prosperous state in India. Telangana ppl shall close ranks and elect only TRS ppl who alone are waging relentless battle for achieving the state. Parasite cmandhra is contributing little and cornering waters, jobs, positions, resources, funds etc.,

  5. soonya says:

    It is also time to decide what type of economic policies the new state of Telangana would pursue.

    It is important to articulate them from the perspective of the people to make them people-centric, not allowing powerful economic interests which undermine democracy, while at the same time promoting industry and agriculture.

    It will be nice if we start developing some sectoral perspectives which should serve as a framework and frame some key principles around which the policy must be woven.

    One the dangers is leaving a vacuum. Leaving a vacuum would lead to anarchy which would then be grabbed unscrupulous business interests which undermine public’s interests.

    We have seen that happen in health care, we are seeing it in education.

    It is not that we should not leverage the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals or business people, but all of them must be subservient to the state’s primary goals.

    What seems to be happening in India is that all policy is seen from the perspective of industrialists and other rent-seeking classes. The same has allowed for frankensteins like Mr Gaali and other names popular in the front pages and those who are yet to make it to the front pages.

    There is a need for labor reforms, land reforms and many more reforms which should benefit general populace and create a climate for economic growth – a growth with the locus being in benefiting common man. And the economic growth should neither be concentrated in a few regions or among a small section of people.

    Hope we inch towards such vision sooner.

  6. Telanganaforever says:

    TRS should make computer database of all Telangana people.
    villages, mandals, towns and cites. Start preparing for elections using computer system databases.

    Make sure TRS wins 100% seats for MP and MLA’s

    Someone should write about telangana resources and tell the people of telangana we are rich but Seemandhara stealing our wealth.
    Potential for farming growth

  7. Chandra mouli says:

    pls send the details of mining about kondagattu qnd another mining projects in telangana pls R. Chandra mouli 8096677033

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