Shocking photos of Vizianagaram Gurudwara attack

See these photos to understand the vandalism of “Samaikyandhra” agitators in Vizianagaram town:

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7 Responses

  1. tkr says:

    We Telangana people are great, they dont hurt like this

  2. Charan Singh Kalsi says:

    Any religious person attack Temple, Mosque, church or Gurudwara do not believe in the God. Sikhs forgive them? Sikhs will make more beautiful Gurudwara?

  3. Gulbarg Singh says:

    It is a shame that such hatred still exists among the human race. May WAHEGURU bless them with wisdom, compassion, and love of the Creator and His creation.

  4. D V RAJESH says:

    Seriously after seeing this my heart is burning, even though I’m a Hindu.
    how can a human do such things?

    Hats off to you brothers Charan Singh and Gubarg Singh to show your Maturity. Now I got why PUNJABIs are given so much value in INDIA.

    MERA PRANAAM to you guys ONCE AGAIN.

  5. Harpal Singh says:

    What a shame! This is happening in so called secular India and that in South. Shame on these people. Of course Sikhs will forgive them.

  6. Harpal Singh says:

    Then do not post

  7. soonya says:

    This another example of their intolerance and boorishness. How cheap can some be to destroy and damage another person’s religious place?

    The culprits must be brought to book.

    These blokes keep saying that they are ‘cultured’, is this the culture they are proud about?

    Any right thinking democracy loving person must condemn these acts of hatred and intolerance.

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