Lokesh pays $10,000 for “appointment” with Barack Obama

  • May 3, 2015 11:14 pm

By: Ramachandra Reddy

Like many of you, even I was surprised when I read the news that US President has given an “appointment” to Nara Lokesh. Because of the simple fact that Nara Lokesh does not hold any position in AP Government. It is very rare that the American President gives appointment to private citizen like Lokesh.

Then I began digging this “appointment” story. I first found out that this “appointment” was on 7th May, and then this was in Portland.

That immediately rang a bell. Because I already read where Barack Obama will be on that day. He will be at the Democratic Party’s Fundraising dinner at Portland.

This event would be held at Sentinel Hotel in Portland. A little bit of research revealed that you just need to buy a ticket to attend the fundraiser. A $500 ticket gives you entry into the dinner, a $5000 ticket gets you a photo with President Barack Obama and a $10000 ticket will give an opportunity to attend a small “meet and greet” with the President.

My hunch proved correct when I came to know that Nara Lokesh’s “appointment” with Barack Obama was infact at Portland!

So, this is what has happened folks. Some smartass has given this idea of buying a $10000 ticket to a Democrat Party fundraising dinner and then advertise it as an “appointment” of Barack Obama.

And on 8th May, our dear Seemandhra media houses will publish/telecast news that Nara Lokesh has met Barack Obama and discussed about the new capital city of Andhra. Don’t be surprised if you read that Barack Obama has praised visionary Chandra Babu Naidu, and considers him a role model!


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