Is KCR a ‘fresher’ in a College?

By: J R Janumpalli

This is a rebuttal to the article : “Is Telangana and AP going the India – Pakistan Way?” written by Lata Jain in The Hans India (See box below)

This M/S Lata Jain is doing lot of ‘tarafdari’ to seemandhra. She has also appeared to be supporting ‘UT ‘or 2nd Indian capital for Hyderabad in her article ‘Hyderabad Status’ 22 May, 2014. In this she is virtually castigating KCR not being nice to CBN. Looks like CBN’s propaganda machinery is out like in the olden days to buy the support of journalists in his political gamesmanship. His shenanigans on his oath taking ceremony site, Camp office and the site for the new capital all are doing their rounds. His playacting of invitation to KCR, for his swearing in ceremony, smacks of his penchant for devious propaganda. We all know his antecedents. He cannot be different now. We will be seeing more of such political gimmicks in the coming days. But the point to ponder here is why these journalists are falling to it so glibly forgetting their professional propriety.

The ceremony was held in Raj Bhavan in an austere atmosphere by Governor’s office, marking the momentous event. Personal invitations or ostentations as planned in CBN’s oath taking ceremony were not there. Any way, it is the prerogative of KCR to invite CBN personally or not. The very CBN, Who has banned the word Telangana in the Assembly; who stopped Telangana for 4 years from 9, December 2009; made life miserable for 4 crore Telangana people in those 4 years; caused the death of 1200 martyrs for Telangana; threatening KCR to dethrone even before 2019; challenging KCR to provide governance like him (?). Why he, the very anathema of Telangana State, should be invited ‘personally’ to the state formation day of Telangana, when such courtesy was not extended to anybody else.

Just because he is playacting now on this issue, why should journalists take cudgels on his behalf? Instead they should, comment on his pompous oath taking ceremony. They can appreciate the simple and dignified ceremony of Telangana at Raj Bhavan without wasting much money on the pomp. On the other hand CBN who is crying that Andhra has deficit budget and collecting money privately for building the capital is wasting Rs.10 crores on his vainglorious oath taking and Rs.3 crores on renovation of his camp office in Hyderabad. If he respects democracy, he could have attended KCR’s oath taking ceremony on the invitation of the Governor, without cribbing unsportingly and egotistically for personal invitation.

For it was the maiden Telangana State government oath taking, an historical event. As CM-designate of residuary A.P. He has the responsibility to be there for political decorum. As is their wont, they won’t follow decorum but find fault with others even if there is not one. If he is inviting KCR now personally, with the ulterior motive of showing him in bad light, it cannot make him a man of great etiquette and culture. Everybody knows his acerbic manners and unscrupulous political behavior. There is no need for the media to make such brouhaha on this matter. On the contrary they could have found fault with him for not being politically correct.

But the point to remember here is the revival of his propaganda apparatus and the journalists falling for it. The Hans India for some time is showing its bias towards seemandhra. This M/S Lata Jain appears to have developed a myopic view on Telangana. Some journalists in other newspapers also trying to teach lessons to KCR as to how to be good with A.P. State. As if he only needs to be good not the other side. It looks like that they have taken it for granted that Telangana state only needs to be good. As if KCR is a fresher at a college and needs to respect CBN the senior, despite his ragging.

We all know, just because Telangana people go out of their way to be nice to these guys, they are not going to do nice things to them. It is like trying to quench our thirst in ‘mriga thrushna’. On the contrary they can take advantage of it and try to upstage Telangana. They did the same for the last 60 years. There is no need for KCR to go to CBN’s oath taking, after all this. That would not be in the fitness of the things. As usual, there will be some wagging of tongues and heavens are not going to fall for it. We know we need to fight for every inch of our rightful share and they will not part with it easily, it would be a war of attrition and we need to get prepared for it. Nobody needs to teach us lessons in this matter. We had been overly friendly with them and paid dearly for it. It is like ‘Arab, his tent and the Camel’ story. We don’t want to repeat it. We will certainly make friends with them. But, only on equal terms as per the exigency. There is no need for us to seek their friendship unilaterally, as the predisposed media wants it.

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6 Responses

  1. venu says:

    Comparing any territories within mainland india with one as india and other as pakistan is unacceptable, this will be real threat to integrity and stability of the country than creating a separate state.

  2. rajkumar says:

    Lata jai should reserve her precious unsolicited advice to babu. I am at loss to understand the intellect of people like jain who cannot distinguish between partition of a country and creation of state. JAI TELANGANA

  3. soonya says:

    This the new breed of journalism. Measuring countries’ relationships on the basis how many seconds leaders shook their hand.

    Measuring relationships between states by invitations.

    And what else do you expect Andhra media and the hubris and thought slavery that Andhra’s created? It will take some years to get rid of it.

    I do expect Telangana becoming like US which left the UK and created it’s own language, words, spellings and culture if one were to believe Bill Bryson!

    Hope the Newspapers, their sub-editors and others in the media world get used to the new reality.

    The fact that the Andhra lobby could influence a new Prime Minister who started on a new slate to write the first alphabet which was dictated by the Andhra lobby shows the hubris and arrogance.

    I guess it is so difficult for those who are in awe of CBN and the ‘superiority’ of Andhra’s do not have the same guts to look everything that Andhra Babus do and say under a microscope!

    Surprised that Hans India ought to have published something like this. KRM is a fine journalist, as unbiased as one could be and as mature as one could be.

    The ex-speaker Manohar Nadendla was there, did KCR invite him personally? And there were many more dignitaries and VIPs.

    Why doesn’t the journalist talk about TDP’s fantasy and statement that they will come to power in 2019? What does it show? Power hunger? Arrogance and spite or resentment that a Telangana guy came to power? Why does not a sub-editor title – ‘A shocked and Power Hungry CBN forecasts that he will come to power in Telangana in 2019′!

    Does it not show arrogance? What does the TDP think that TRS will goof up and they will come to power?

    And we can see their gracelessness and their reactions to the Governor’s address in Telangana joint legislatures’ session. Even BJP sings the same song! The president of India addressing the joint session of parliament spoke the intent of the Modi government which was drafted from their Manifesto.

    If Modi’s government does it, it is right and TRS does it its wrong is it?

    BJP’s mind seems to have been blanked by TRS victory and so also the mind of Congress wallahs!

    How come no one comments on the gracelessness of these parties?

    Like Voltaire seems to have said during the French Revolution, that democracy will not take root until the last king is hung by the entrails of the last priest!

    Telangana will not become totally free till the Andhra brothers and their apologists get over their ‘supremacy’ and acknowledge the fact that Telangana is a equal status state in the fraternity of Indian states.

  4. vijayshree says:

    I am reminded of our friend Prakash’s words in another discussion, on how even after they got separated from Madras state, they harassed the tamil people to such a level, that Madras state changed its name to Tamil Nadu and put all these guys in their place..It looks like we are facing similar kind of trouble and that these guys are hanging on to their last vestiges of power and which are represented in the form of our own TDP Mla’s who won with bogus voters help.

    It is time for Telangana to be very strident and united in their assertion, that we cannot take things lying down. I realized a large section of north Indians working here are in awe of CBN and are saying that we should be nice to Andhraites…I do not know what being nice, is..Is It listening to them making fun of us and insulting us, that we are useless people who can never govern ourselves, without their help..

    Hans India has never supported TG, and the less said of TOI and the Hindu the better, TOI is constantly drawing comparisons on what a great administrator, CBN is and how KCR is a novice in comparison..

    What do we care about these guys comments,but they are largely representative of the views held by their own people..Why did all the north indian IPS cadre prefer Tg and not Andhra, coz they know the difference between the people, and yet I feel they make such remarks against our Tg people..

    I’ve grown silent lately, trying to understand what is making all these people so insecure about TG, and how they are enjoying our hospitality and yet are utterly disgraceful in showing their gratefulness for it.

    They are somehow trying to test our patience I feel and I am trying to be very patient, as I know once I lose it, I go all the way, to cut their arguments into pieces and I do not wish to do that..

    As long as I know our govt is walking the right path, I can live with this kind of criticism, KCR has taken all the right steps, like changing the Metro alignment, asking for the lakes in Hyderabd to be protected, and trying to get tax exemption for Singareni miners..He has another 5 years to go and I am sure the path that he has taken, he will serve our interests and reach our goals, while CBN keeps brewing in his own juices, never able to reconcile himself to the thought that Hyd does not belong to him, and that like a bat out of hell,he wishes to continue, hanging here, scheming and plotting with his media people on how to stay in the limelight while constantly planting stories against KCR and trying to tarnish TRS’s image in every way..

    As long as we are all with our government, no one can do anything whatever opinions they might hold and utter, we are the only ones who matter and not them.We should help TRS in its journey, the way we did to get it elected and I will learn to swallow my pride for a while, coz the coming years belong to us and no one can stop us from enjoying our freedom and our growth.

    The other day, a north Indian friend of mine living in US, married to an Andhra guy, called and said she was worried that andhras will be asked to leave Hyderbad, and I had to give her a good long speech, to say, that is not happening, in fact, we are facing more humiliation than we did before without us uttering a word against them, and yet, she did not seem to be convinced..

    So just forget about convincing these guys, we are living for ourselves and our people, and all of us want the fruits of our labour to be enjoyed by our new generation and our children remain untouched by these cruel words of a biting race of Andhra..I am sure if I am swallowing my pride and shutting my mouth, I am holding back a volcano of emotions, but I can live with that, as long as I know we are on our way, our people are in the assembly, our government is at the helm, our address reads, Hyderbad, Telangana, our lives will be different and this is just only the beginning…..

  5. soonya says:

    Today, I had to check into a hotel away from Hyderabad in some other state. I felt good to write, J.Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana!

    It will take some time to sink in the change. I guess it will be the same for our Andhra friends. Many of them are acting like a kid who took some one else’s toy and when the toy is restored to the original owner, throwing a tantrum!

    Grace is something that is difficult for many. Especially those who lived with ‘the Whiteman’s burden’. Do we care for who the British are and what they do? Do the British citizens care what we do and how we are doing? I am sure it will be the same.

    We just have to manage ourselves during this transition period. And of course get back whenever unjustifiable things happen like ever.

    The other day some one was cribbing about the inability of MLA’s being able to ‘swear in’ properly. I did not let go. I told the folks, Telugu language has been brahminized, especially from 2.5 districts. So it is as foreign to many as English is. It was difficult to digest for the people who raised such comment. Believe me, they all fell silent. May be resentful, who cares? Why should I choke my voice?

    I go into a tirade with date if I hear anyone speak about Telangana language, giving a barrage of Urdu words and expressions which the Andhra people use nonchalantly, as if it were Telugu! Often, at the end of the tirade, they all give up.

    I had one relative of mine from Andhra with regrets at the de-merger, who after months had to say ‘I will say Jai Telangana, but not Jai KCR’. For many feel that KCR kind of rubbed them on their wrong side, often referring to the shamelessness of Andhra employees who grabbed Telangana jobs or Telangana lands illegitimately.

    I made him listen KCR’s talk on irrigation, and the gentleman was amazed at the detailed understanding of a CM about such technical issues as irrigation!

    I wish MT also publishes his talk on electricity!

    Never let go. They will play the sympathy card, and many more. A rule is a rule for everyone.

    They got away by blackmailing other governments. I guess they will not dare today.

  6. J R Janumpalli says:

    Your support is an elixir to the state of Telangana.We must educate our own telanganites to stand against motivated propaganda of andhrites.Let us have the courage to call a spade a spade and call the bluff of andhras.We are in our own state of Telangana.There is no need to fear andhras.Infact we need to expose their exploitation of us and we will do it and show them their proper place in coming days.

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