Doubting Thomases Will Be Proved Wrong!

  • November 25, 2014 11:33 am

By: Vanam Jwala Narasimha Rao, CPRO to CM
With Vijay Kumar Gatika, PRO to CM

Leader of the opposition in the Telangana State Assembly K. Jana Reddy, while participating in a debate on budget in the House observed that it would be a miracle if the Government would be able to produce 20,000 MW of power in the next three years. His voice sounded as if it is an impossible task to achieve the target. In fact, it is not just Jana Reddy but also to few others to whom the statements made and plans announced by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao sounded similarly. When the CM announced that total cleaning of Hussainsagar would be taken-up…..Skyscrapers would be built around Hussainsagar including one which will be world’s tallest…..Roads all over the state would be renewed and developed…..Tanks in the entire state would be revived…..Drinking Water would be supplied at the doorstep of each and every house all over the state…..Agriculture would be made as profitable as any other production activity that can earn Crores of rupees….Temple Town Yadagirigutta would be modeled on the lines of Vatican City…..and so on, it sounded to some that CM is aiming at miracles and day-dreaming. Some feel it is a fantasy-an imagination-and impossibility. Some expressed simple doubts. Some expressed confusion while others have turned restless. Even some of those well meaningful persons by nature too have expressed the view that CM is in a great hurry.

This sort of a scenario is not new to either TRS party or its supremo Chandrasekhar Rao. Earlier, on several occasions, when people who openly expressed that a particular thing was impossible, they had to eat back their words when the same was accomplished by KCR. Last Fourteen Years of concurrent history is fresh in our memory. All these years several activities which looked like miracles, which astonished many, which made critics dumb fold and which raised doubts in some became realities. Anticipating the result is a god gift to KCR. This will be known to critics only when it happens.

In 2001 at the time of starting of TRS party a senior journalist who has been an ardent supporter of Telangana movement was asked a question by his junior colleague enquiring the possibilities of separate statehood to Telangana under the leadership of KCR. The reply though optimistic was however not in favor of separate state. He limited the chances of TRS only to a level of emerging as a strong power to raise the issues of Telangana. Thus intellectuals too did not anticipate that Telangana would be a reality. But KCR achieved it. An impossible task-a miracle-became possible.

When KCR founded TRS, Chandrababu Naidu was very powerful and popular. Persons like Bill Clinton were all praise for Naidu. Media treated him as God. Congress tasted defeat twice by then and was a non-entity. It could not dare to raise its voice even when farmers got a rough treatment in the hands of Naidu. When everyone was scared to fight Naidu, KCR single-handedly opposed him tooth and nail. When he resigned his Deputy Speaker’s post it was criticized as suicidal. The critics said that whatever happened to those who started party earlier will happen to KCR also. Not even ten persons came forward to join hands with KCR then. They could not visualize the future of TRS. But…what happened is history. When KCR proposed a White House like building for party office many expressed doubts. But KCR dreamt and it happened. Was it also a miracle?

When YSR wind was blowing with full velocity, KCR wanted to keep alive the Telangana Slogan and towards this he sacrificed positions held by his party men both at the center and state. He dared the Karimnagar bye-election. That was the time when several raised their eyebrows and said if he loses the election, it would backtrack Telangana Agitation. They said it was difficult to face YSR and his power. But…what happened is history. He won the election. It was a miracle for many.

KCR anticipated “Sakala Janula Samme”. He was confident that he could lead the masses and as the masses were with him he marched forward. It was KCR’s trust in people that opened a new chapter in the form of “Sakala Janula Samme”. When KCR undertook a fast unto death he was ridiculed by some. They said he would end his fast after couple of days. They described it as a drama to become popular among public. “Live or Die but get Telangana” was the slogan with which KCR proceeded and that changed the direction of history. Has anyone trusted that KCR would fast for eleven days which would ultimately bring Telangana one day? It is said that KCR did not even yield to the advice of Professor Jayashankar!

After achieving Telangana when he wanted TRS to contest on its own without any alliance, many thought it was adventurous and would be disastrous. In his own party, several senior leaders openly found fault with KCR decision. Some even left party against his decision. Political stalwarts said that it would be difficult to fight the Congress party that had money power and muscle power. But KCR anticipated the result. His party manifesto did not include any promise that cannot be implemented. For instance he did not agree for two lakhs loan waiver to farmers and instead insisted on only one Lakh rupees.

After winning elections also KCR as in the past continued unveiling his miracles. Some people even said that he may not even come to secretariat regularly. Some said KCR cannot work for hours together. In effect all proved wrong. Critics said comprehensive household survey on a single day is impossible….but it did happen. Flag hoisting at Golconda was doubted…but it did happen. Doubts were expressed whether “Our Village-Our Plan” will become a reality…but it is a reality now.

When all these happened why not the remaining? Whether it is overcoming power shortage, providing Drinking Water, cleansing Hussainsagar, building Skyscrapers, developing Roads, and transforming Yadagirigutta on the lines of Vatican City…all of this will be a reality.

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