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Posted On: May 8, 2014

Where History Comes Full Circle

A circular building located within the State department of Archaeology and Museums beckons one with a rustic looking threshold similar to what you see at temples. Read more →

Posted On: May 7, 2014

Ancient Armenian cemetery on path of revival

Contrary to popular perception, Abid Evans, the 19th century businessman after whom the main commercial hub of Hyderabad __ Abid ki Shop __ was named was not the first Armenian to have arrived and flourished in the city. Read more →

Posted On: January 1, 2014

Phanigiri Buddhist site excavation to begin this month

The State Department of Archaeology and Museums, this month, will go all out for once and all to excavate the untapped areas of Phanigiri Hills of Tirumalagiri mandal in Nalgonda district Read more →

Posted On: November 30, 2013

Kuntala Waterfalls – Telangana’s own Niagara

Kuntala is the highest waterfall in Telangana. This beautiful waterfall is located in the forests of Adilabad district, where the Kadem river falls into a deep gorge from a height of 147 feet. Read more →

Posted On: November 12, 2013

Balkampet Yellamma Temple

One of the many famous and ancient temples in Hyderabad is the Yellamma Temple located at Balkampet. Read more →

Posted On: November 7, 2013

Warangal Bhadrakali Temple

Known to be one of the oldest temple dedicated to the worship of Kali Matha or Bhadrakali Ammavaru, the mother goddess, the Bhadrakali Temple is located against a picturesque setting on the banks of the Bhadrakali Lake. Read more →

Posted On: October 21, 2013

The resplendent Kotagullu at Ghanpur

Built in the 13th century, by the Kakatiya ruler, Ganapati Deva after whom Ghanpur is named, not many people have heard or seen the Kotagullu at Ghanpur, in Warangal. Read more →

Posted On: September 27, 2013

Chowmahalla Palace – a world of Royalty and Rolls Royces

The name of ‘Chowmahalla palace’ comes from two words, ‘Chow’ means four and ‘Mahalla’ stands for Mahals or palaces. Read more →

Posted On: June 17, 2013

An unforgettable experience at the Ramappa lake

Vijayshree Kurumilla tells us about her recent trip to Ramappa temple and lake in Warangal district Read more →

Posted On: June 6, 2013

APTDC to launch guided tours to historical sites in Warangal dist

APTDC Divisional Manager B. Nandiswar showing the bus to be used for the local guided tours, in Warangal on Wednesday. Photo: M.Murali — The tour will cover Eturunagaram wild life … Read more →