Andhra Leaks Part 3: Explosive Facts on Sriramulu’s Fast & Death

For several decades, from school children in Telangana to some of the country’s top journalists were fed misinformation regarding the creation of Andhra Pradesh state. They were made to believe that the formation of Andhra Pradesh was a result of Potti Sriramulu’s fast. While the fact is that Potti Sriramulu’s fast was intended to decide who gets Madras city – Telugus or Tamils.

Read what the latest issue of Tehelka Magazine wrote and you will understand how a lie, when repeated a hundred times, becomes a fact!

[Note the number of bloopers in this piece – First Potti Sriramulu had worked for Railways, he was not a lecturer; Second he died after 58 days of fasting, not 82 days; and third – most importantly, his death resulted in formation of Andhra state and NOT Andhra Pradesh state]

To reinforce this falsehood, every year, on November 1st state formation day, the AP state government releases full page advertisements in all leading newspapers with large images of Potti Sriramulu. So complete was the distortion of history that you will find life size statues of Potti Sriramulu almost in every town of Telangana. This, in spite of the fact that Potti Sri Ramulu did nothing for the people of Telangana or for unification of Telangana with Andhra.

Here are some more damning disclosures about Potti Sriramulu’s fast and death.

Not many people know that the Indian government had already agreed to form the Andhra state even before Potti Sriramulu launched his indefinite fast. The JVP (Jawaharlal, Vallabhai Patel and Pattabhi Seetaaramaiah) committee had recommended the formation of Andhra state. However, the Andhra’s staked claim over Madras city and this led to a delay in state formation.

The reasons for this fast were given in ‘his own words’ in several documents like his letters and manifestos issued before commencing his fast.  Some of his statements in these documents are cited below to appreciate his ‘object and feelings’ in the matter.

In his reply to Swamy Sitaram’s letter dated: 2-10-1952, he clarified about the object of his fast.  The relevant para is extracted below:
“My Fast begins only for determining the future of Madras City”, he declared. “During my fast, people themselves will come to a decision…..
My fast is intended to make the people and at least some Tamils in the City to agree to Madras becoming a separate State.  Therefore if I leave the question of the City in doubt and undertake the fast, I shall be failing in my purpose and duty”.
An Avoidable Death?
A careful analysis of the newspaper reports and first hand accounts of events that led to the death of Potti Sriramulu reveal a disturbing fact. That Potti Sriramulu’s life could have been saved if only the Andhra leaders of that time were sincere.
During the course of his fast, the Indian government had repeatedly tried to inform him that it was ready for creation of the Andhra state without Madras city. But Potti Sriramulu and the Andhra leaders were adamant.
Nehru himself made an appeal after Sriramulu’s fast entered its 50th day.
On December 14, 1952, Hyderabad’s Chief Minister, Boorgula Ramakrishna Rao sent a telegram to Sriramulu, fasting in Madras. It read, “Your fast is causing much anxiety and distress in the whole country. Panditji (Jawaharlal Nehru) is prepared to constitute a Boundary Commission immediately and has given an assurance of other steps. I earnestly entreat you to break your fast, and give all leaders a fair opportunity.”
Another important thing to note is that Potti Sriramulu became very weak and had become unconsciousness during the final days of his fast. Some reports even say he slipped into coma.
Read this extract from The Hindu:
“On the 56th day, he passed into a coma and a couple of days later, he developed breathing problems. On December 15, 1952, Sriramulu breathed his last, after 58 days of fasting. “
Since the central government had already accepted to create the Andhra state, and Sriramulu was in an unconscious condition and not in a position to take any decision whatsoever, any sensible Andhra leader should have immediately rushed him to a hospital and saved him. But, strangely the leadership did not make any attempt to move him to hospital.
This brings us to the important question. Did the Andhra leadership wanted something dramatic to happen to force the hand of Nehru? Otherwise what explains the orgy of violence that followed Potti Sriramulu’s death?
Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Potti Sriramulu’s death was discussed in “Two Score and Ten”, the autobiography of GV Ramakrishna, an IAS officer who started his career in 1952. He had served as Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Government and went on to hold several key posts in central government too.
He mentioned about some unconfirmed reports which reveal how inhumanly some people around Potti Sriramulu behaved during his fast.
If there is even an iota of truth in the above statement, then the Andhra leaders should hang their heads in shame for sacrificing a valuable leader at the altar of power politics.

Some more damning facts about Andhra State formation in next part: A Lie Called First Linguistic State

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Note: Excerpts from Sri. M Narayan Reddy Ex MP’s article on Potti Sriramulu’s fast were used in this article.

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26 Responses

  1. shireesh says:

    damn andhra leaders…. not they even try to save potti sriramulu……… always looked for themselves….

  2. mah says:

    There is no clear evidence of potti sriramulu requesting to break his fast.this should be investigated further by historians.

    Certainly, there was never any indication that Chennai would be transferred to Andra, so why would he break a fast-unto-death when his goal was chennai?

    Unlike today’s politicians’ a Potti Sriramulu fast-unto-death meant ending in death. His conviction should be admired, however the civilised approach by Nehru and the founding fathers of india would have been to conduct a referundum in Chennai.

    Civilised behavior is uncommon and rare in Indian Governance circles.

  3. Jai says:

    Sriramulu’s suicide (or murder, if Ramakrishna’s reports are correct) was a welcome boon to the unemployed andhra leaders like Prakasam, Neelam, Bezwada etc. Prakasam (“andha kesari” to his chamchas) was shameless enough to rejoin Congress just to become CM.

  4. Madhav says:

    Great work Dileep, as usual! I read the Hindu’s link of a brief biography of Sriramulu. It was really inspiring. It is clear that Sriramulu sacrificed his life for a cause, but a completely impracticable one.

  5. Reddy says:

    Andhra failed in madras and now in Hyderabad.
    Better go and have their own one rather than others assets

    Jai telangana

  6. savaalreddy says:

    is the book Two Score and Ten available? please put the whole book in this site….

  7. Jai says:

    Inguva Mallikarjuna Sharma (a CPM activist and a leading anti-Telangana “intellectuals”) writes:

    “Potti Sriramulu sat on a fast-unto-death to achieve the ideal of separate province for Andhras as also the inclusion of Madras City in the Andhra province. Now it is well known that he was prepared to compromise to the extent that if the Central Government were to publish a notification declaring the formation of a separate Andhra Province without any further details as to the component districts of such province, he would give up his fast, but that was not to be.”

    It is clear from the above that Sriramulu was looking for an “honorable” way to end his foolish fast. This was thwarted by the greedy andhra politicians because they wanted to exploit his certain death.

  8. Jai says:

    Lagadapati claims KCR’s fast is fake because he took medicines intra venously. What about Sriramulu? Did he live only on water? The answer is clear: Andhra Patrika on 17/12/1952 describes his last hours when a close relative visited him.

    “వారి మేనల్లుడు శ్రీ ఎస్ ఆర్ గుప్త గారు “మంచి నీళ్ళు త్రాగుతారా” అనగా “త్రాగుతానని” చెప్పారు. ఎనిమిది ఔన్సుల నీరును కొబ్బరి నీళ్ళు తేనెతో కలిపి ఇచ్చారు.”

    No doubt Sriramulu was a great man. If his fast can be considered as genuine even though he took honey and coconut water (presumably throughout the fast), how can KCR be faulted for IV?

    • sri says:

      Dear Jai,

      There are 8 pages in the news paper.

      could you tell me on which page it was published.

      Thanks .


      • First page in the main story. Column 1, seconf paragraph below the minor lead called “తుది ఘడియలు”

        • sri says:


          I Really Pity on Sri Ramulu.

          Andhra Leaders Murdered Him by not providing Food and Water to Him.

          Nehru already said that behind Vishalandra there is an imperialism.

          he also said that i don’t what is “Visal”. He called Andhra politicians as Imperialists.

          Thank you bro,

          please also tell us about the lies and propagandas of seemandhra Politicians.

          • kishore says:

            One such was the creation of linguistic states. In private, Nehru deplored the idea. In public, he said he would agree to their creation only if there was consensus among all parties concerned.

  9. imaki says:

    KCR and Sri Ramulu no way comparable

  10. n c kiran says:

    if there is something wrong in our telugu land both telg and andhra are responsible.eye for an eye is not the sol.v can discus acros the table and sort it thing 4 sure in 2001 kcr started this “backward telangana”..its 2011 now Ap as a whole has definetly dvpd.

  11. Read this link:

  12. soonya says:

    i think a PIL must be filed. today I saw ads by the government with potti sriramulu and our dear CM on ap avataranotsavam.

    since the late PS died for the state of Andhra and Andhra was formed in 1953 and Andhra Pradesh was formed in 1956 if ever they should put the photograph of Boorgula Ramkrishna Rao’s photo as an enabler of AP than PS.

    what do you folks think?

    a lie must be corrected even after 5+ decades.

    look at the international courts and the issues of Jews where they hunted people for war crimes against the Jews even when living in Argentina and other countries and brought them to justice.

  13. Archana Sonti says:

    Yes you are right Soonya, we need to file a case, how a Govt can lie so bluntly and doing this mischief since the merger with Telangana, atleast they should have shame that now people are enlightened and what the citizens think about the false propaganda.

  14. Praveen Mandangi says:

    Read this:

  15. kishore says:

    The formation of linguistic states is the single most important event in the history of South Indian languages, as it provided an opportunity for these languages to develop independently, each of them having a state to support.

  16. satish says:

    If Hyderabad is to be made U T then we hindus from all over the world donate to lord Balaji so then should Tirupathi be made UT

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  18. Vijay says:

    If Nehru and Rajaji are so futuristic then they should have ordered police to take Sriramulu into Hospital and forcibly break the fast. They are responsible for his death.

  19. sravanthhi p says:

    I understand most of the written things could be facts. But discrimination is not at all fair? I saw some of the comments Why hatred dude ? After all we all developed hyderabd feeling as our capital

  20. sravanthhi p says:

    Jai. ?? Wow… Expecting a human to fast without water ??? Crazy minds dudes….!!! Compare man fasting sincerely for 52 days? Do u really think it’s easy? It needs guts to do like that… Kcr is lucky enough to have people to break his fast…and undoubtedly he is a blessing for telangana…but dude never compare sriramulu garu sacrifice with kcr dude… I don’t think kcr would sacrifice his life for telangana :))) wat u say ? Do u think kcr could fast until he dies??

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